a bit more about me

Musings of a children's writer who has yet to...

...achieve my big dream, but these are the things I have done.

I've collected many, many scars on my knees (both of them). I spent all my childhood in one place, then after packing that first suitcase in 1989 to go to uni in Plymouth, I just haven't been able to stop. I went to Strood (that was a little detour in the grander journey of life), I went to Mexico City, I went to Madrid and now in case you haven't guessed I'm in Paris (almost). Although the suitcase became boxes and there was a big blue sofa that's a bit like a chameleon (blue, chocolate and currently red) I have now lived in various parts of Paris for ten years, and last summer moved just outside of Paris (but we're still on the metro).

Another thing that I've done in all the places I've lived is write stories. Stories about people who travel and people who don't. People with special powers, and some that are just quite ordinary, or even extraordinary. Wherever I've been these people have followed me around. Sometimes they have a little rest in the back of my head and other times they are just there, almost touchable.

A few years ago I started this blog to tell people that I wrote stories, I even started writing a few more. I joined a critique group called The Other Writing Group and when I needed something a little more stable I joined SCBWI.

There was another little detour in the writing journey a couple of years ago, but now me, the Frog, the little bubba and the black cat called Merlin are all on board again. Let's see where it ends, hey?


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