Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Forty Three Days

On October 16th 2006 my phone was cut off for some bizarre reason or other. So according to my journal this is what I was up to:

· I spent hours on the phone to France Telecom and was consistently given different information from different people who were pretty consistently god damned rude;

· I lost my temper many times with various people at France Telecom and shouted and swore more in French than I have done in the last six years;

· Over a very nice glass of red wine, Colleen, Siobhan and I wrote a poem for Minx’s Samhain competition (never got the chance to post that);

· I reworked the spirituality story for Skint’s competition (never got a chance to post that, but you see there was hope there at first);

· I wrote a list of things that I couldn’t do without a telephone or the internet.

· Floppy moo pissed me off (see previous post);

· The dentist got pissed off with me because I had smoked in the three intervening weeks since he had begun cleaning my teeth and salt blasted my face as he did the rest of my teeth (but I do have clean teeth);

· I thought of a way to rewrite Sirens;

· I got stood up for the first time in my life;

· I became infatuated with a man who parks his bike down the road (I am now intimately acquainted with his battered silver bicycle, but have not seen him since);

· I joined/went to a writing group and turned up like a keeny with Heart Attack to share and discovered I had to read it aloud. On later reflection I realised that when I said that the inspiration for the story was a dream that I probably came across as completely bonkers;

· I wrote three versions of the same story, this story actually makes up the vast majority of the last month’s notes and for some bizarre reason it only came out right last night;

· I missed trains (nothing new there);

· There was a Europe wide power cut and I sat wrapped up in my sleeping bag bathed in candle light writing (there is now candle wax all over my phone);

· I decided to quit my Masters course (although that decision was kind of taken out of my hands as I missed all the e mails asking me what I was up to and they kicked me off);

· I took to wandering around Montmartre before ending up on the steps opposite Sacre Coeur and viewing the city;

· I had writer’s block for thirteen days

· I got plastered on bad Beaujolais Nouveau and discovered that my porn star name was Goldie Heythorp, although we all agreed that Goldie Nelson was better;

· I had a bad experience in a Chinese Karaoke restaurant;

· I went to my first ever opera, although it was an opera/spectacle. I liked the opera bit, but wasn’t sure about the random balls of fire that kept being shot into the air;

· I reviewed the book shops of Paris;

· I tried to inhabit the skin of my brother and discovered that I didn’t really know too much about him;

· I went to see The Prestige, which I loved for various reasons (I wrote it down somewhere);

· And finally in the writer’s group last week I sat through the worst story I have ever heard in my entire life, while the group leader sat opposite me trying to make me laugh (bastard – I probably had nail marks imprinted in my cheeks by the end of that).


Minx said...

Oh phew! Are you back? Perhaps they will stop pestering me now and believe me when I tell them that you haven't been kidnapped by sopme of the awful things they suggested.

Shameless said...

Verilion! We were worried! I have heard all about the France Telecom mafia, especially they get yelled at in French by English speakers! It's good to have you back. Are you back on the phone, internet? Why didn't you pop into an internet café? Anyway, welcome back nd we expect some absorbing posts! I loved all of these quick diary points.

Shameless said...

sorry ... I'm typing on smaller keys than normal ...
that should've read: especially WHEN they get yelled at ...etc
and "nd" was and. Da!

Verilion said...

Hey you guys! Yes I am back online. So Minx who were they suggesting I was kidnapped by? And I tried posting from work, but discovered I was getting NO work done, so then I decided to follow Debi's advice and use all the extra time to write (and watch season 1 and 2 of Grey's Anatomy, season 4 of 24, all five season's of Cold Feet...)

skint writer said...

Good to have you back, and it's not too late to enter that story into the competition :)

Marie said...

Good to see you back. I wondered where you'd got to.

Verilion said...

Hey Skint and Marie, thanks for coming back. And Skint I realised that I can still post the story, but I have a confession to make (but not in a spiritual sense). As the depths of my disconnection became apparent to me I became all consumed by another story and never edited the first (sloppy). And now if I do it tonight, it's either going to be damn short or shit. I think I'll go with the damn short just to prove that I can do short.
Alternatively I could do it now instead of working... no!

Atyllah said...

Aha! You're back! Sounds like you've been having an er... interesting time. Fodder for more stories, maybe.

Debi said...

You never wrote (as in letters - great to hear about the other sort!). You never phoned. You never posted. You never commented.

We worry, y'know!

But I hope it's good to know that you can go AWOL for an extended period - and we'll still all be here waiting when you arrive back!

Verilion said...

But ... but ... but ... YOU told me to use my time doing other stuff...

Ok I feel spanked now, but I am glad to be back and I am VERY glad that you haven't all forgotten me. Thanks
( :


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