Saturday, November 17, 2007


I like to think of myself as someone who shuns routine. I don’t like timetables, my leisure time is fairly casually organised, I go with the flow. So that turns out to be a load of codswallop because turn my ‘routine’ on its head and I find myself complaining to fellow bloggers that I feel like I’m living through a war.

1. I tend to go to bed between eleven and midnight.

Due to recent ill health and more importantly the war between Sarkozy and a couple of Unions (one of which is apparently fighting amongst themselves and ignoring all the advice of their union leader) I have had to get up ten minutes earlier and walk fifteen minutes to get a bus everyday because there is a transport strike. Getting to work is fine, but getting home takes me about two hours. It’s only been three days so far and it set to be x days, but it’s blooming tiring and I seem to snuggling in under the covers around 9 (with laptop of course) and ‘lights off’ follows fairly soon after!

2. Saturday afternoon gym sessions.

Really I’m not going because I have done this ‘thing’ to my knee, but even if I did want to go I have my travel time down to a T. I leave the house at 12.43; it takes me 2/3 minutes to walk to the metro station, which means I arrive comfortably to get the metro at 12.47. Obviously there is no 12.47 train today and I am contenting myself with the fact that I am walking everywhere and haven’t given up the sticky buns yet.

3. I tend to blog on Saturday mornings and Mondays.

Go on check.

4. I cook on Sunday.

I get up I wander around the local shops looking at their produce and wonder what I would like to eat. I wonder home with (during this season) pumpkin, leeks, or winter vegetables and make a roast or soup.

5. I like to get an Indian on Friday.

This is part of my cultural DNA. Sometimes the feeling is stronger than me and I have to pick up that phone and order a biriyani (if it’s going to be a big writing weekend) or Samousas and Bhajis.

6. I feed the cat at 7 am and 8 pm.

I suppose I should interrupt proceedings here to say that Vanilla has tagged me with a meme to get me back into my ‘Blogging routine’. Obviously this triggered the whole ‘routine’ train of thought. How many routines are built into our lives that we just never ever think about? I’m guessing I could go to 7 but the meme is actually meant to be 7 random facts about me, so I’ve saved the best till last. There are rules and what not to this and I am supposed to pick 7 people to do this afterwards. I have to admit that I am so out of the loop at the moment that while I appear to be unbelievably anal, I am going to break the rules quite happily and not post the rules or pass this meme on. However, Vanilla, I will try and get back into my blogging routine.

7. I have a phobia about buttons.


Jefferson Davis said...

Spontaneity is fantabulous. I hate time tables and alarms that wake me before dawn! :)

So, how is the wee kitty? Growing, I bet. :)

And, what's this phobia with buttons? Come on, don't tease us. Spill the buttons! :)

Minx said...

Routines are horrible things, but I suppose we wouldn't get anything done if we didn't have some sort of structure.

The cat feeding thing is weird - never thought of it before, but if I am late he lets me know - loudly.

Shameless said...

I sympathise totally, V! :-)

kimy said...

oh my I never have met (well we actually haven't met in the flesh, but still) anyone else with a button phobia! although after years/decades of beeing plagued by sweats over buttons, I have worked at it and can claim I'm cured. when I was a kid and would actually cut the buttons off my clothes and have to resort to safety pins!

that transit strike is quite an inconvenience! geez not being able to retire at 50....what a hardship! best of luck! 2 hours to get home...yuck!

Theresa said...

Button phobia, that's a new one. I have an elevator phobia, which has gotten worse since getting stuck in one at the Eiffel Tower. I like Paris (except for that elevator) and wee kitties, so I'll be coming back to visit again. :)

Verilion said...

Hi JD, yeah I hate them, but it seems that I live my life by them! Damn. And ooh don't use that phrase. What can I say, I just don't like them.
And Minx, yeah them cats seem to have an internal clock. I guess I do too, I sure as hell know when I am hungry!
Thanks Shameless, and on to day 7 and on and on... I think if this goes on much longer there will be a spate of Spontaneous Human Combustion.
And Kimy. You are not alone, I have met three others (we all worked/studied in the same place). There are others out there. I did think last year when the buthingy kept falling off my jeans that I should try and get over it, but I picked it up with a tissue and threw it away and just wear the jeans with a belt now!
Theresa we are not alone, see Kimy above! Lifts, yep I got stuck in a lift in Paris once, I was also with 7 people and a case of champagne!

Marie said...

I hate routine. Sorry about your button phobia. It's not as rare as people think.

Sam said...

Strikes are SUCH a pain.
My son missed a day of university - and his friend, who is in Nanterre, is in even worse shape. Tomorrow my daughter has no cafeteria - honestly - why are They striking? And half her teachers are going AWOL as well.
Fucking French! (pardon my French, lol)

Jon M said...

I love and loathe routines! Indian on Friday routine sounds manageable though!

apprentice said...

Now I have the luxury of not dragging myself into an office every day and i have few routines, although I have invented some for myself, so that shows how ingrained the habit must be. My best one is not to wear a watch. I judge my day by the available light and BBC Radio 4's schedule.

I remember you mentioning the button phobia before. Mine is lollipop sticks, can't beat to touch them, it feels like chalk on a blackboard sounds.

Poor you on the strike. France looks like it's going to go through the convulsions we did under Mrs T. However when you've had a record of revolution and cut off the heads off the aristocracy I think you are probably better equipped for the fight.

We won the freedom to shop on tick in malls at all hours of the day and night. And to work the longest hours in Europe to pay for a mortgage that is a pension fund andkids teriary education fund - and that's when we next get to see our kids, when they're all grown yp. Hurrah! ;(

Verilion said...

That button phobia certainly isn't rare Marie ;)
Yeah Sam, I feel like life has taken on a whole new feel. I'm feeling very inconvenienced by the strike, and then I feel that it is important that ordinary people have some method of negotiating with the Government (see Apprentice's comment above) and then again I also feel that if things go on when (if I ever) retire I'm not going to have much of a pension fund. It's a tricky thing that I don't fully understand. I suppose I should make more of an effort really...
Know what you mean Jon, but I'm already looking forward to my curry on Friday!
Hi Apprentice, I don't wear a watch either. In fact I don't have a clock in my house. I discovered that was a wee bit problematic a couple of weeks ago when YET again my phone got trashed! And as for the phobia that's how I feel about buttons. I wonder what made us hate these things?


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