Sunday, November 06, 2011

Dropped off the edge

Sometime on Saturday, I had one of those 'sit bolt upright and shout s...' at the top of your voice moments.  I realised that no photo had popped up as scheduled on Friday. In fact, that's because I have no more scheduled photos. Actually, I have loads of photos, I just haven't got anything ready. I've also got a well overdue interview (but that's not ready either). And I think I have four book reviews to write for The Bookette's British Book Challenge. I will also confess that I haven't been reading other blogs that much. I've pretty much dropped off the face of Twitter and I've been pretty intermittent on Facebook.

I believe the t'internet term for this is 'going dark'.

To be honest, I didn't mean to, but a couple of weeks have passed and ...

  • I've taken quite a lot of photos;
  • I finished the revision of my WIP;
  • had a crit group meeting;
  • started a new WIP on the 1st November (but no I'm NOT doing NaNo this year);
  • and joined my first Google+ hangout on chaired by Nicky Schmidt
There's also been a most uncharacteristic burst of domestic godessery, but I guess you don't want to hear about that. So instead...'s a picture of the sky...

... my final word count on the WIP that I churned out last November and have now revised: 39,600

... the crit group takes place here:

Here are my current project targets...

Did you see how well I did today?

And lastly if you don't want to do NaNo, but you kind of want to join in with the spirit then add me your circles (see the Google+ doobery on the sidebar), leave a comment here and I'll find you, or just leave a comment and say how you're doing. The hangout was pretty cool, but I'll talk about that later. Now I need to go and make dinner!


Lady Gwen said...

It sounds like you've been very busy. It happens. I find that when I blog, it takes time away from my WIP, so I only post about once per week. I love the blogging buddies, and the support and I love hearing what everyone is doing, though. Just gotta balance it all out!

Michele Helene said...

Totally agree Gwen. I'm trying to do that. I've set a ridiculously daily word limit, but I feel that I'll meet my target this way. I really do. Might even get some blogging in. Right going to go and edit typos now! I hate typos

Rachna Chhabria said...

Hi Michele..looks like your revisions are going well. I have not been able to write much at all..but hope to write lots this week.

Michele Helene said...

It goes like that sometimes Rachna, I think tonight I shall be hitting the bare minimum tonight.


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