Thursday, March 08, 2012

Just like a woman

Today is International Women's Day and the Frog asked why isn't there an International Men's Day. So for all you men out there who really need to ask the question. Here's a quote by Joss Whedon created Buffy:

Something happened to me. In the past my main characters were boys. I think it was the tomboy in me, but there we go they tended to be boys. And then I gave birth to a girl and now I write girls. I write girls like me. Girls happier in trousers than skirts, in doc martens than high heels, and who use lipsyl rather than lipstick. I try not to make them as clumsy and uncoordinated as me. I think that I'm trying to write girls that my bubba will one day aspire to be (so they have to have some flaws otherwise they won't be realistic), because my bubba doesn't have my role models. When I grew up I lived in an upstairs flat. Three amazing women lived downstairs. It's not just the fact that they all lived to be over a hundred that made them amazing. What made them amazing was that each of them nurtured and developed different aspects of who I am today. The middle one was a bit of a gossip and didn't care that Boy George wore a dress. The oldest taught me to be quiet and listen. The youngest took me to the Puffin Book Club Fair, the Natural History museum and the Science Museum, she encouraged me to travel, chided me for not keeping up my French and was a bit of a tyrant if truth be told. The youngest one is still going at 101 years old and to her and her sisters I dedicate this post. 

This year the theme of International Women's day is: Empower Rural Women - End Hunger and Poverty. 

And remember don't ask why we need International Women's Day, just honour your women any way you can. Oh and do tell me who are your strong women? 

*Thanks Nicky Schmidt for directing me to the Joss Whedon quote. 


Nicky Schmidt said...

wonderful post! and I love it that you pay tribute to the strong women who shaped and nurtured your life!

Michele Helene said...

My great aunts were fabulous women. One of these days I will have to weave their tales into my stories, although they are probably already there in a way.

Andrew Leon said...

My wife would say that everyday is International Man's Day.

Michele Helene said...

Funny that. I gave the exact same answer the first time the Frog asked why there's wasn't a day for men. I wonder why that is? ;)

Dad Who Writes (Gabriel) said...

God, I adore that image. There is an International Men's Day but I confess I've never paid any attention to it.


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