Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In answer to the last post

The short answer is: I've been writing. 

The slightly longer answer is that I had a few realisations: 

  1. I realised that I needed a good long break from my WIP. I've been working on it since November 2010 and if I'm to do it justice, I need to leave it alone and come back to it when I can do a good job. Until I actually admitted that I was feeling a bit down, but now I'm quite happy about that decision. 
  2. Whenever I interview other writers I ask plotter or pantster. I tried the Snowflake method. I got all excited and really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it, but I think that deep down I'm a bit of a pantster. 
  3. Having said that last weekend when I decided that I was going to write something new (I knew I was going to start something new before last weekend, I just didn't know what), I went through my strongest idea with the Frog. He didn't say bof, but he might as well have. In desperation, I burst out with idea number two. By Sunday I was giving him a scene by scene breakdown of what was going to happen and who the characters were. The good news is, he likes it. 
  4. I think it's for adults, but it could be crossover, but then again it could be YA, but it's probably for adults. 
  5. I'm really enjoying that buzz of the first draft again. 
Right, I'm off to write some more and while I will be writing in the next two weeks, I won't be blogging. The photos will appear as if by magic, but the The Frog, Bubba and I are off to Guadeloupe for a couple of weeks. Squee. 


Andrew Leon said...

It's always good when people like our ideas.

Michele Helene said...

Definitely is! Although strictly speaking the Frog shouldn't count because he has a vested interest and all. Still the crit group liked the first eleven pages too :)


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