Sunday, September 03, 2006

Legong, Very long and Not Long Enough (a tale in three parts)

Part III – 30th July 2006

This is a fairly short story, for the hour and a half after we got back from the walk whizzed by. The Javanese Flower bath and deep tissue massage went too quick. It was kind of a birthday treat as Estrella’s was the day before and mine is tomorrow. So we were lathered up and man those hands were good. OK it was the most expensive yet (the third in four day) but so far it was the best.

Did I mention we were staying at Ketut’s place? The hotel is a kind of traditional compound, with the kitchen at the front as you walk in and our little bungalows behind. Ketut had warned us that our rooms were not deluxe. This meant no windows and a 5.30am alarm call from the neighbourhoods cockerels with harmony provided by the howling dogs and croaking frogs. But as we descended below the swimming pool for our massages we discovered the meaning of deluxe: windows, air con (not that you needed it), the sound of the river gushing below and the masseuse cooing over the colour of my hair as she plastered me in yellow exfoliating stuff and the promise of a flower bath.

As Made (pronounced Mah-day) kneaded into my tight muscles she asked me my name and what number I was. I was a bit drowsy by then and didn’t quite understand the question. “What number?” I tried to clarify. “Yes, first, second? Brothers, sisters?” Oh, suddenly something we had read dawned on both Estrella and I. “First.” Estrella said. “Second.” I said. “You Wayan.” She told Estrella. “You Made like me.” She said to me. Nyoman is third, Ketut is fourth and if there’s is a fifth child it goes back to Wayan and starts all over again.

Estrella and I got a bit chilly as we waited for the yellow goo to dry. It was at that moment that Kim decided to wander by looking all dreamy and relaxed. She took one look at us huddled up and laughed. “You think you’re cold now wait until you get into the bath.” “Oh yes.” Ketut said later. “The bath is new, no hot water yet.” Even the slug that had found its way into our flower bath was doing its best to escape quickly. The masseuses laughed and giggled as Estrella and I squealed and screamed. “Like babies.” They commented.

So yellow goo off, skin feeling great, muscles starting to relax we ambled back to our room before the evening’s Kecak Dance (performed by Ketut’s troupe) and Feast (made by Ketut’s wife).


Minx said...

Glad you got to your luxury. Do you think Ketut would like another wife? I can be quite domesticated when the need arises....

Verilion said...

I'm not sure they do multiple wives in Bali Minx, but there were a lot of family members there. I'm sure you could slip in there!

Marie said...

Nice that you had a lovely relaxing time. Sounds wonderful.


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