Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mind the Toes

This isn’t quite finished and these toes seem to be wandering their own way!

Mind the toes get their dose of
dew and wet blades of grass
between their inner most creases.

Mind the toes dig into the generations
of blunted glass
cooly cascading as they emerge.

Mind the toes dip and float
in the crystaline salty
blues and greens.

Mind the toes feel beneath them
the life, soul and grain
of the creaking floor.

Mind the TOES!


Anonymous said...

I am liking what's here though!

Marie said...

Good stuff. Like the line 'cooly cascading as they emerge'

Caroline Smailes said...

Really liked this - so sensual.
Glad I dropped by your blog,

Verilion said...

Thanks you guys. I'd kind of been working on this for a week or so, had the subject just not the tone. Funny how it turned out though. To begin with it was all about how badly treated the little toes have been all summer, but the pay off is being able to walk barefoot (or close to it), so I guess in the end if you think it's sensual Caroline I got what I was really thinking about out.

skint writer said...

nice words - I like it :)


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