Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mysterious Encounters

I don't really like posting from work because (eh I should be working? No, that's not it) the formatting gets all messed up. But necessity calls. I'm off to Blighty in two days time and Nooy (THANK YOU) has just invited a whole bunch of other people to join in! So, if you guys can wait, the next challenge will be set sometime between the 3rd and 7th January. I'll try and post everything that comes between now and Thursday morning, but (sob sob) I'm going to have to set a closing date. The Fifty word challenge will officially end on the 3rd January at 12 midnight (my time).

Atyllah the Hen

“Why are you felling the forest?” she asked, her stomach dropping within her.“Has to be done,” the man said, shrugging.Around her the air was dense with the shriek of chainsaws. Someone has to stop it, she thought.She moved into the path of the falling tree and waited.

Copyright, 2006, Atyllah

The Challenge Meister herself (or the one who set the challenge in the first place)

“You!” he gasped, as she shook off the snow and placed a small, well-clad foot firmly in the door before he could shut it again.“You know why I’m here”, she replied. “We can get it over with quickly, or else we can take our time”.

His heart sank.

Copyright, 2006, Fanny Powers


Up and down the winding path she knew it’s bumps and corners. The trebles and emotion leading her into another world so craftily created that she lost touch with the here and now. Lost until the record player broke and Tchaikovsky and his Valse became part of history again.

Copyright, 2006, Nooy

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Atyllah said...

Have a safe trip and a fun and festive time in Blighty!


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