Wednesday, December 13, 2006



Afterwards when she wondered how she had ended up alone in the remnants of his life, she put it down to this. It was raining. The lights were red. She hit the brakes. The bike slid. She slid along the slick surface, her head coming to rest by his boots.

Copyright, 2006, Verilion


Jake’s girlfriend challenged him to write fifty words about his love for her. If she liked the result, she would marry him. He did love her, but didn’t want to get married, so he wrote about how she had a great personality and was kind to animals. She dumped him.

Copyright, 2006, Skint Writer

… Atyllah is yours a story or a comment? I’ll post it if you want.


Jude said...

I love this! Saw it via Skint. Here's mine:

She said something that always stayed with me. ‘Each word is precious- like time. Each second brings you closer to the moment when death cuts short your breath, closing the book that your footprints wrote. Your words end mid sentence, mid flow- so make sure your words, your life count.’

Atyllah said...

It was a comment in fifty words - just to confuse things.

Atyllah said...

But here is an entry for you:

“Why are you felling the forest?” she asked, her stomach dropping within her.
“Has to be done,” the man said, shrugging.
Around her the air was dense with the shriek of chainsaws.
Someone has to stop it, she thought.
She moved into the path of the falling tree and waited.


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