Monday, February 12, 2007

Who are we ?

We are inhabited by an other,
‘til their voice fades,
their story told,
Or ‘til they whisper:
'Not today, another time.'

Another homework set by Skint. I’ve been pondering about this over the crazy weekend of rushing from here to there and back to here again and obviously what I needed to do was sit still for a few minutes. Funny where inspiration hits you!

Copyright, 2007, Verilion


apprentice said...

This reminds me of Diana's "three in a marriag" remark, very mysterious.

Thanks for looking in on my blog

Cailleach said...

Oh this one sort of leads in from the last post, nicely if you follow me.

And yes apprentice's one is very apt.

Atyllah said...

Ooh, yes, I like this.

Verilion said...

Thanks for the visit Apprentice and Cailleach. Apprentice, you've made me reread my own post after making that comment. It's funny how other people interpret things and also what's nice about putting things out there and letting your work grow.

Cailleach I guess it is apt after the last post. It's an idea that has been in my head for a while after I told a friend that I had lost touch with some characters that I couldn't stop writing about before Christmas. I hope they do return eventually - a little more well rounded hopefully!

And thanks Atyllah.

Marie said...

I like this too.

Verilion said...

Thanks Marie

Minx said...

Skint is certainly winkling out some tidy words. His homeworks are totally unreasonable but we just can't seem to resist!

Verilion said...

It's true Minx, but I guess it's the the thinking involved that makes them so irresistible.


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