Saturday, September 01, 2007

Purple Mail

So there I was yesterday feeling at a bit of a loose end when I went downstairs and opened my mailbox. I was expecting some sort of courrier informing me that my ten month work sentence starts on Monday, but instead it was rather book shaped squishy little thing. “No,” I feverishly began to tear open the package. “It can’t be,” I scrabbled at the ripped open edge to pull out the contents. “It can be!” I stared at its glossy purple cover. “It is be!” I exclaimed as I opened the cover and saw my name there.

I took it with me on my little shopping excursion with Claire. “Look!” I waved it at her. “The first book where the author has written a little message to ME.” Then I frowned. “Actually that’s not true Jack Gantos signed my copy of Joey Pigza swallowed the key.” But then I smiled. “No, the first author I nearly really know who has written a little message to me.” Then I frowned again. “Shame I can’t keep it.”

But you see keeping it is not the deal. This is the deal: a couple of months ago Kate Bousfield otherwise known as Minx ran a Small but Perfectly Formed Competition. Unfortunately what with it being during crazy silly season, I could only watch as the entries came in and I knew that I would not be one of the winners (well it stands to reason doesn’t it, if you don’t enter you can’t win). But ever generous Minx didn’t leave it at that, she then decided to run another little thing. For a kindly PLEASE, Minx would send the book to you and it would go on a kind of book tour without the author. It’s a simple deal really: you read the book, you review the book (on your blog and Amazon) and you pass it on. So who wants to read a Coven of One next? I only got it yesterday and I’m already on page 148.

If you would like to be part of this book tour then drop me a please in the comments box with your e mail address.

More information about a Coven of One can be found here.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Hmm, where was I when all this competitioning was happening? How did I manage to miss it.
Anyway, the good news is, I ordered a copy from amazon and it arrived today!
Now I've just got finish Debi Alper's Nirvana Bites (halfway through) and then I'll be into Coven Of One - I've already read the first page and am hooked. I like good and gripping starts!

Jon M said...

It's a great book V! you'll enjoy it!

Minx said...

Thank you V, maybe it will find it's way back to you eventually!
As with Dina Rabinovitch's book, I suggest putting your blog address on the inside cover before you send it on. Let's hops she journeys far!

Jennifer said...

Oh what fun!!
I'll play, sure!
Send it to me next!!!

Verilion said...

I think you was writing a book Vanilla. Well it's more than the first page that is good. You'll enjoy it. And yeah Jon, I am enjoying it.
Oh yes Minxy I will put my address into it and it seems we have a taker down below. I haven't quite finished yet and I think one of Tibo's teeth just fell out! Is that normal?

Verilion said...

Ok Panic over, kittens like humans teethe and that explains why he's attached to my elbows and fingers all the time. He prefers to chew things that smell of me! Sure Jennifer/Sam you can have the book next. Can you just send me your address to Verilion at orange dot fr.
Oooh how exciting, Dorcas is moving on.

apprentice said...

Enjoy, I love surprise in the post.

Shameless said...

Glad you are reading about Dorcas! :) I'm also pleased to see you've written a book ! Bloody hell! Over the summer? I admire you. :) I look forward to reading it.

Sam said...

Ohh - another book to read (and pass on!) Thanks! I'll send the addy right away!!

Jefferson Davis said...

Wow, what an intriguing premise! It is a fantabulous book, V! I was sucked into its world after the first few pages! :-)

c.s. said...

i'm only beginning to read it. will do my part.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you would have won your very own copy if you had only entered that Small But Perfectly Formed Contest. You had the desire, that's for sure!!

And who knows, maybe the next time you have a book where you personally know the author will be your own.

Verilion said...

Hi Apprentice, yes I love surprises in the post too. Makes a change from tax bills!
Hi Seamus, I loved Dorcas, she's a one isn't she? Oh and I didn't exactly write all of the book over the summer, I did bits and bobs and the planning before the summer, but now the hard bit begins! Aaah. Are you offering to proof read it too then? ;)
Sam book will be in the post in the next few days (ish).
Yep Jefferson, you certainly do get sucked in. CS, enjoy the book, I certainly did.
And David that would be something wouldn't it? I do actually have a book on my shelf called Window Dressing for Hermes. I know that author too and she signed it for me as well, but she hasn't started reading my blog yet so hopefully she will never know that I forgot her!


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