Monday, September 24, 2007

What? Me good at Writing?

So far in my blogging life I have managed to escape the bulk of these meme things that float around every now and again, but then this summer I got hit with a Thinking Blog Award. That was nice and quite easy; all I had to do was whack the thing up on my blog and pass it on. Then came the Schmooze award, again, not too much trouble, whack it up, pass it on. But now there is a new one floating around, one that instantly made me go GAH! Scarlett has asked me to divulge 5 strengths I have as Writer. This meme is super difficult because not only do I have to think, but I also have to be positive about myself. I also think that I’m still learning, so while I have chosen 5 things, I also hope that I will continue to learn and improve. So without further ado 5 strengths:

Dialogue: Apparently I write good dialogue.

Criticism: Like art, a piece of writing is never finished, so good constructive criticism is always helpful and I’m very open to it.

Solitary Confinement: I’m quite into my own company, and you need to be able to spend a fair amount of time on your own if you’re going to sit down and write for long periods of time.

Observation: I like people watching and listening. Some of the classic little snippets that I observe end up in my writing, with my own little twist of course.

Motivation/Addiction: Just don’t seem to be able to stop doing it. Well that’s got to be a strength hasn’t it?

And now I need to choose 5 people. The difficult bit with that is choosing 5 people who haven’t already been picked, so sorry if you’ve already been tagged but here goes:

Jude at Jude’s Writing Corner

Seamus at Shameless Words

David at Witnessing I am

Sam at Sam’s Spot


Marie at Deep Thinker

Oh and while I’m at it, Seamus has started something up at The Shameless Writing Circle. Go and have a wee peek.


Jon M said...

I thought that this was a good meme thing cos it makes you thing positively about your writing!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Hey! Good list!

Hope it helped you focus on the good stuff, cuz lady, your words are good stuff.

Thanks for playing.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Marie said...

Thanks for the tag. My list is not that different from yours really. I'll post it up later.

c.s. said...

those are really positive things you could say about yourself. :)

Sam said...

OK - you tagged me, I'm 'It'!
I'll go think of what to say now, lol.

kimy said...

you are so good at playing the meme game! I've only received one (a quite a time ago) and was bad (I expect word about my rep has gotten out as that was first and last)

I'm afraid have the same reaction to memes as I have to those emails that say you must forward the email and "blah, blah, or bing, bang, bung" - my reaction is to instantly hit delete.

but I do get a lot of pleasure reading other's heartfelt reflections - thanks! off to sneak a peek....

Jude said...

Hey there... great on it, now! Got my thinking cap on.

Minx said...

Funny, isn't it, we could all bang off 50 weaknesses but finding 5 strengths as a writer and we all start playing with our fingers and staring at the floor.

Yeah, I can't stop either, I sometimes wish I could find the 'off' switch.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm doing the meme tomorrow (I hope) - as Jon says, it's a good one because it makes you think positively about your writing - and heaven knows, us writers can really be down on ourselves!

Jennifer said...

I GOT THE BOOK!!! (Coven of One)

Verilion said...

Hi all I've been hibernating all week. The scarf and sleeping bag have come out too! It was good for thinking positively Jon, difficult though! I enjoyed playing Scarlett. And Marie I've read your list now, it was a good one too. Thanks CS. And Sam looking forward to reading your list. Oh Kimy those e mails are annoying and I do delete them, I'm apparently doomed to bad luck and bad sex forever according to the ones I get. And Jude, read your list too. Minx, did you do that too? Vanilla, I read your list too. And lastly Jen, bloody hell that was quick, I only posted it yesterday! I did stick it in the right box then, I knew it couldn't be Paris, but then I couldn't decide between Banlieu and Province. Hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing your review.


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