Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Writing on Wednesday: Cornelia Funke

Do you think it is easier to concentrate on your stories when you are outside or inside?
Writing is easiest in my writing house in the garden, but the story ideas often come outside.

Quote taken from here.

I vaguely remember reading a review for The Thief Lord in the Observer, but it was not until I actually visited Venice that I really took in interest Cornelia Funke's book. One of my students had done a book review of Dragon Rider that had left me positively not wanting to read the book and I don't think Inkheart (or any of the successive books) were out yet. Yet, here I was having borrowed the Thief Lord from the library, sitting at my desk while the kids were eating lunch and spouting out various Italian phrases that were in the glossary. I know it might sound crazy, but it was coming up to a holiday time and some of the kids were visiting Italy. Admittedly some of the phrases in the Thief Lord were probably no help at all to the visiting tourist, but hey ho.

Before I even began to read the first page, the Thief Lord had reawakened Venice in my memory. By the time I finished it, Venice was even more magical then when I had first visited it. The story took unexpected twists and turns, finishing with a satisfactory if slightly strange ending. And I wanted more. So I read Dragon Rider. It's very different in style to The Thief Lord, for a start animals are the main characters, but again it was a great read. So inevitably I had to read Inkheart and jumped at Inkspell when it came out. I've not had a chance to read Inkdeath yet, and if I'm honest I really want to know about Dustfinger rather than Meggie and Mo, so it's on the reading list. And of course, so is Reckless which came out on September 13th.

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