Friday, December 10, 2010

A few changes

What with the bubba having a throat infection and the Frog being in Germany I've had a couple of days to concentrate on writing this week and do writerly stuff. I wrote a few chapters on the wip. I'm not altogether happy with them, but it did make me think: 'What is the purpose of these chapters?' and I think I've got that pretty clear in my head now.

I had a wee chat with Gary Smailes over at BubbleCow. I'm finding this blog ever so useful at the moment. There is a wealth of advice about how to get published on the site. Plus you can sign up for the writing gang and get a weekly newsletter, and every now and again this little box pops up where you can type in a question and Gary really answers. I can say that now, because I typed in a question and got an answer, a couple of recommendations of books to read and got a sneak peek at the soon to be revealed question and answer page.

At the mo, Gary is doing a regular feature of Great Writer Links across the web. I had a good read, which inspired a few changes on this blog. Go on have a look, see if you can spot them. No, oh OK I'll tell you then. For a start I've put Miss V to bed. She was useful when the blog started out, but I want to concentrate on the writing now. Anyone who has been around since 2006 knows who I am. I'm not going to publish a book as Verilion, so I'm just going to be me from now on.

I also added a photo to my profile, rewrote the home page so that it's a little more interesting (I hope) and wiggled some of the widgets around. According to what I've read tonight, I need to concentrate on content, not the frame, so although I was thinking about farting about with the page design I've now decided not to do that. I also need to decide who my audience is. I'm fairly convinced the blog is for writers and people interested in books and all things writerly. All through November I was thinking about ending the Sunday Roast posts, it served its purpose in getting me back into the blog, but I'm not sure I want to give it up for good. And as for the photos, I'm sure people who are interested in all things bookish can put up with a photo once a week, hey?

While the Frog joined some the thousands of snow blocked drivers around Ile-de-France on Wednesday night and took four hours to get home, I thought I'd use the time to go through the Writers and Artists Yearbook for prospective agents. It was a bit of a depressing thing to do as it seems no one is accepting new clients, but it was a start. I think I only got to the letter B in my search, but I found loads of other resources while I was at it, so I now have a folder labelled agents on my web browser toolbar.

I can't quite remember how I came across Scribblerati, whether it was through Lia Keyes or Nicky Schmidt, but I decided to join, my membership is pending approval. One of the articles on it is: Why Every Writer should Tweet. That made me laugh out loud, because my current status on Facebook is: To tweet or not to tweet? That is the question. The jury is still out on Twitter, it took me a while to get into Facebook and then it took me a while longer to stop playing Scrabble and Treasure Madness on it! So, we'll see, we'll see. Meanwhile, I think I'll get me to bed.

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