Saturday, June 25, 2011

ABBA lit Fest

Over the weekend I started noting some strange activity on Twitter #ABBAlitfest. Mmm, I thought to myself what's this all about then? And no sooner did I ask, that Lucy Coats explained all.

So firstly I'll give a little shout out to An Awfully Big Blog Adventure (ABBA, see?) It's made up of authors from the Scattered Authors Society. Every day someone posts their little pearls of wisdom and so far I have discovered Litopia through ABBA and garnered much good advice. Now in July ABBA is planning a first: an online literary festival. Instead of having to wait a whole day for little nuggets every half hour a new writer will post something life changing and wonderful for us would be writers. And here's the really cool thing. Although this event takes place on the 9th and 10th July (that's a Saturday and Sunday by the way), the posts will be left up for your delectation for whenever suits you best.

While it would be lovely to stay glued to my computer screen all day long and participate I realise that my wee family may expect a little human interaction over the weekend. So I've had a wee shufty at the programme and these are my highlights:  

Saturday 9th July

11.30am Elen Caldecott Competition: Win 'Operation Eiffel Tower' - She's super nice on Litopia.

12.30pm Gillian Phillip Competition: Win 'Bloodstone' and 'Firebrand' - Well I've already read Firebrand, but Bloodstone ain't even out yet.

1.00pm Liz Kessler Competition: Win 'A Year Without Autumn' - has quite possibly written all the books I want to write.

4.00pm Lucy Coats Video and Competition: The Hero Dog Story - The lady who sent me the lovely badge on Monday and told me all about this.

5.30pm Miriam Halahmy & Savita Kalhan - They also blog at The Edge and I like what I read there.

Sunday 10th July

12 NOON Nicola Morgan Competition: Win 'Write to be Published' and a crabbit bag.- The lady who gave me a wonderful introduction to Twitter.

2.30pm Fiona Dunbar & Keren David Video: In Conversation - Keren also blogs at the Edge.

4.00pm Candy Gourlay Video: Creating a Legend  - Winner of the SCBWI Crystal Kite award for TALL STORY

6.00pm Michelle Lovric Competition: Win 'The Undrowned World' - I have reasons for checking this lady out.

Mmm... it does seem like everything I've chosen is a competition, but that's definitely not what I intended. So you go and look at the programme. And what are you looking forward to?


MC Rogerson said...

Very excited about this too! I'm looking forward to all the events, but would particularly like to win a copy of Gillian Philip's Bloodstone.

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

Thanks for dropping by MC.

It would be nice to take part in the competitions, but I think I'm going to have to set lots of alerts, otherwise I can just see myself being in full on holiday mode and going 'Ooops, missed another one!'

There also seems to be more info on the programme now. It's going to be a wonderful resource.


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