Sunday, June 19, 2011

A quick return of the Sunday Roast?

No, not really, it's just what with having found two new yummy recipes on BBC Good food and tappety tapping away to the background music of the bread machine, I could easily forget that I'm writing a post about writing and to share a link. 

I'll get the link over and done with first. On Tuesday it's Fete de la Musique. This is an event that has been going on in France for as long as I've lived here. On the longest day of the year everyone is encouraged to pull out their instruments and tune up their singing voices and go out in public and sing and make music. I on the other hand have signed up to do the Summer Solstice Scrawl Crawl. It's a kind of Europe wide thing SCBWI event. The idea is to COMMIT yourself to doing something CREATIVE and then posting it up on the Scrawl Crawl blog. At first I said I would revise a chapter of my WIP, but that seems kind of boring compared to a road trip, or sketching in Madrid, London or Paris (all cities I've lived in BTW!) Anyway, we'll see what I come up with on Tuesday. Whatever it is, I may be getting a little help from the Boobalooba.

So as we are halfway through the year and I'm feeling kind of pleased with myself I thought I'd have a little reflection time and pat myself on the back.

On the first of January I set myself some goals. In my definitely category I said:
  • I will finish the revision of A twist in the Tail.
With the critique group we decided that come the September crit meeting mine and my fellow writing buddy Jan Williams will have finished our revisions.
  • I will find, beg, ask someone to read the whole draft and critique it (any offers will be gratefully received and obviously I would love to critique an MS in return.)
At the last crit group meeting we discussed 'workshopping' the WIP. I also have a new Kiwi critter, so that's all working out fine and dandy. Plus I should just get over my jitters and send my first 5,000 words of to the Litopia buddies for assessment. The worse that can happen is that I'll be turned down. 
  • I will endeavour to go to all the critique group meetings, even if it means organising babysitting. 
I missed one! I had a doctor's note because I had a bad limp, which turned out to be tendonitis of my gluteous maximus! Does that count? But I still critted everybody's work. Oh! And then there was the other meeting where Uncle Pat Pat babysat, because my mother was having tea with my MIL; I still wonder what they talked about.
  • I will start work on something new, either The Sands of Time or The Trelawney Funerals
In fact I discovered Randy Ingermanson's Snowflake method. I went through steps 1-9 of it and can't bear to do the scene breakdown of the last three scenes because then it will be finished, well apart from the all important bit of writing the first draft! So, this one I feel I have done in spades, although what I chose to work on was neither THE SANDS OF TIME or THE TRELAWNEY FUNERALS.
  • I will not abandon the blog, even if at some point in 2011, I won't strictly be living in Paris any more, and I haven't done any exciting wandering for a few years. 
I set up the scheduled once a week photo and when I scroll down and see that there is no text between those pictures I do feel a little guilty. But you're not abandoned blog, honest.

Finally happy Father's day to all you dads out there and with that I will go see how my bread is doing. 


Beth Kemp said...

Well done for sticking with (most of) your January writing resolutions!

I've been dragging my feet on planning my YA novel too. Or, perhaps more accurately, I've been distracted by other projects - quite a bit of teaching resources writing and a 6-9 novel.

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

That all sounds like good stuff Beth and you're keeping up with the BBC. I just have to be so focused otherwise I wouldn't get anything done.


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