Saturday, January 07, 2012

In other news...

Those pesky writing resolutions...
are just not forthcoming this year. In my hazy memory those resolutions just came really easily last year, whereas this year I'm all kind of ooo, aahh, mmm...

So should I do them? I think I should, because they are motivational and it'll be nice in 2013 to say that I achieved them, but I just don't seem as pumped up as last year. 

I think I know why.

The dreaded synopsis

I've never written one before. I've never written one before because although I've started millions* of first drafts, I've only finished two and I've only revised one and now I'm at that stage where I suppose I have to do the dreaded synopsis, followed by the even more dreaded query letter.

Now, while I've done some research on the query letter and can recommend Kidlit and Help! I need a publisher as two sites that can help you get over that obstacle, I've not been paying much attention to the synopsis and more to the point what I've come to realise is that 'I don't get it'. I can write, I'm fairly sure I can. I can even turn out quite a good story if I say so myself (oh yeah, I am saying so myself), but this synopsis thing just gets me. What is it meant to be?

With that in mind I did a search and found many sites, some that I even remember reading before. While each site has its own take, the advice is pretty similar: single spaced unless it's more than a page, simple present, give the tone and voice of your WIP, give everything away. But I still don't get it. 

Having recently made the best god damn chocolate cake I've ever made in my whole life (with a lot of help from the frog), I realised what I needed was a recipe. 

I have found a site that I think might just work. I'm only on step 1 and this time next week I might be tearing my hair out and swearing, but here it is, I hereby present:
How to write a synopsis of your novel
in 7 easy stages, or not. I have yet to find out. I'll let you know how I get on.

Oh Bo*!/£ks I seem to be breaking the one resolution I've made!

Well I haven't broken it yet, but I'm considering it. Caroline Smailes over at In search of me has posted a challenge:
  • Are you a writer?
  • Would you like to be a writer?
  • Do you write flash fiction?
  • Do you fancy seeing your work published?
I can whole heartedly answer YES to all four questions, so I'm wondering. If you would like to consider too, then please click on the link below. The deadline is the 11th January. The flash fiction piece is to be no more than a 100 words and should be inspired by a youtube music clip. 

A challenge and the chance to see your story in print

Right, that's enough news now. I better go and do some writing. 

Coming up on the blog:
Interview with author of The house on the corner Andrew Leon

*That might be a slight over exaggeration. 


Beth Kemp said...

Good luck with the synopsis! I've used that same site for outlining advice and found it helpful. Maybe Nicola Morgan's synopsis ebook will be out in time to help you too?

Michele Helene said...

Hi Beth,

yeah the site seems very THOROUGH. I've got the synopsis down to two pages and I'm just going to leave it be for a couple of days and then look at it again. But having NOT looked at it, I get the feeling that it's heaps better than when I started. :)


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