Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordfeud and giving up

As it's a month since I wrote my resolutions I thought I'd have a wee looksie to make sure I was keeping on task. The swimming is going OK, although I have been ill pretty much non-stop since January. It's little things but the evidence seems to point to a person who is a tad run down, so instead of swimming it seems that there will need to be a more general and balanced getting 'healthy' thing to do with the swimming coming back asap. 

I wrote a synopsis. OK, I'm not saying it's a great synopsis or the best synopsis I will ever write, but it's a damn sight better than the one I churned out in a panic in November. Then I also wrote a query letter. This I have to say is very weird, but it was a lot easier condensing my story to a paragraph then a one page synopsis. As for the rest of the letter I think I tackled it too business like, but again this is something that I plan on getting better at. The revision is knocked on the head, but, oh there are always some buts. I'm doing some final edits. Well it was meant to be edits, but it seems that there are a couple of chapters that could go. Not started that first draft yet. Crit group is good. In fact can I gush for a moment? They're fantastic. Signed up for a SCBWI thing, more about that later, after this year's run of illness, I'm still a little worried about my 'itis' curse and SCBWI events. And I've been very good with the social networking thing too.

And finally to the post title, I warn you that I'm about to get a little cryptic. I'm a bit addicted to scrabble like games. In fact there was a while when Nicky Schmidt beat my butt quite regularly. I almost friended a complete stranger on Facebook because we were pretty evenly matched scrabble wise. Did you know that qi is a word? Yep, I was pretty addicted. A few week's ago a challenge to  play Wordfeud was put forward. It's a complete ripoff of Scrabble and I'm sure it'll get pulled soon, but in the meantime I'm in the middle of ONE game. You see I took up the challenge and after a couple of goes she gave up. Then I started a game with a stranger and the same thing happened. On both occasions we had played a few goes and I was winning (at the time). There's another girl (she's actually an egg and may be a he) but I am beating the pants off her. I like her, because she is persevering and even though I am well and truly thrashing her she hasn't given up. You see, people like egg girl are important to me, because they don't give up. Even when things get tough. Maybe they are naive, and a little over optimistic, but maybe she'll also get better as I did when I was regularly whooped by Nicky. So as I head off to London* for a peaceful week away, my words to you are don't give up. Don't give up the little things like Wordfeud and don't give up the big things either.

*Actually I'm already in London, but I'm going armed only with a camera, notebook and an iPhone (almost tech free!)


Andrew Leon said...

I like Scrabble, but what I really used to love is Boggle. Boggle, you can play by yourself. No one ever wanted to play Scrabble with me (or any board game, for that matter) when I was growing up.

Nicola said...

Oh, Andrew! I loved Boggle too! We were a real word game family and as kids Boggle was a lot more fun than Scrabble. *rushes off to Amazon to see if there's a Boggle*

Dad Who Writes (Gabriel) said...

Supermum and I seriously had to stop playing scrabble for about ten years because of the tension it was causing in our relationship (she used to win all the time. Then I worked out how she was winning and the situation was reversed.) We've recently started playing again and things seem fairly level. So far.

Michele Helene said...

Uhmm, something tells me that you lot would thrash the pants off of me. Still now I can go and check if there's a Boggle app ;)


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