Sunday, August 27, 2006

A letter to no one

Today I received a letter,
a long one;
a letter crying for something.
Begging for understanding?
Begging for forgiveness?
Begging for peace?
I cannot say.
What I do know is that I can give those things:
Understanding, forgiveness, peace,
But it is not from me that they will come.
Not now when we have a channel between us.
Those things have to come from you,
So I choose to save my words
And write a letter to no one.


Minx said...

Nice to have you back Verilion. Would recommend finding someone with a Certificate in Fundamental Electrical Knowledge, if we are to keep you!

Neat letter, see you haven't lost your touch!

Verilion said...

Yeah a certificate or a nice small tush, as I managed to push the fuse back in with my bottom today! And that was while I was up the ladder and Jane was saying how empowering it was to do these things ourselves!

Minx said...

I'm not even going there!!


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