Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm back

Yep, I'm back. I had a fantastic holiday, great birthday, had a few near death experiences, ate absolutely loads of food and released a turtle. I'm now going to take some melatonin and hope that I don't wake up at 2am all energetic. Then again if I did imagine all the packing I could get done.

I did miss you though and will spend tomorrow morning catching up on you all while I blissfully ignore all the millions of things I need to get done.

Na night.

Maybe I should download some photos... NO!


Minx said...

There is some sort of pun in amongst that comment about 'eating loads of food and then releasing a turtle' - not sure I'm brave enough to put it into words though!

Yes, I'm back too!

Minx said...

btw, your links have sunk to the bottom of the page in your absence - just thought you'd want to know!

skint writer said...

welcome back hope you are feeling literaryily refreshed

Verilion said...

Thanks Skint and thanks Minx for making me laugh. I'm not sure I could have written that pun if I'd tried! I was knackered and beginning to think that moving four days after arriving back from holiday was madness. Little did I know that I would be springing out of bed all sprightly at 7 o'clock. Of course by 2 pm I've lost all enthusiasm! But it seems that I have pretty much finished the 'Study', where I was trapped for hours and hours and hours and days with an ailing computer and six years of French bureaucracy (which I'm not even sure how to spell).

Marie said...

Welcome back!

I've been back a month but wish I'd stayed away longer.


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