Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Inspired by Parenthesis

Every day I fall in love,
as your voice whispers in my ear.
The melody of sounds
turns the corners of my mouth.
My eyelids flutter downwards in delight.
The construction of phrases so carefully placed.
My fingers follow your body;
caressing, lingering, underlining.
And as I trace patterns on your front and back
my love comes to an end
as I turn the final the page.


Caroline said...

Sent a shiver.
Fabulous x

Minx said...

V, you do these so well. Don't keep us waiting so long next time!

Verilion said...

Hey you guys thanks. And Minx I'll try not to keep you waiting, but yesterday the weather turned and I took out the Autumn coat and the Autumn scarf and in the early afternoon the Autumn cold came to me.

Minx said...

See, you've done it again!

Marie said...

That's lovely V. Hope you feel better soon.


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