Monday, March 12, 2007

Observational Records on the Analysis of Dreams – 12/03/07

Subject x describes dreams full of bright streaming daylight,
yet senses the inner spirit is dark.
In the bright and almost fluorescent radiance of these dreams
subject x is profoundly lost.
What are the possible meanings to this opposition?
Are we to conclude that the darkness is merely the night?
Is subject x engaged in a struggle to wake up?
Or is the darkness a fear that subject x has buried so deep,
that even in the brightest glow cannot be found?
Further observations will continue to consider
each of these hypotheses.

Copyright, 2007, Verilion


Atyllah said...

Blogger is being bloody beastly and snarfing down comments.
I said: Great writing, V!
And I think also said:

Light always follows the dark.
Perhaps Subject X is on the verge of renewal.
Dreams always bring positive messages.

Or something like that.
Bloody blogger!

apprentice said...

I look forward to the further observations.

Maybe y will emerge.

Susan Abraham said...

I dream less and less these days.
Which is a good thing. I sleep well.
But sometimes in phases, my dream are often intuitive even if I have chosen to ignore them.
I quite like the darkness. It boasts its own mystic!:-)
An interesting post, Verilion.

Verilion said...

Yeah a positive message Atyllah, well only time will tell (and more observations of Subject x's dreams!) Although until Apprentice mentioned that I hadn't really thought that there would need to be more! Eek!
And yep Susan dreams are definitely the unconscious speaking loud but not always so clearly. They are always inspirational in some way though, if one can remember them.

Marie said...

This is deep and interesting.

I love the dark. Better than blinding sunlight.

Verilion said...

I like a good balance of both. I love the light, but I am drawn to the dark side. Gosh I sound a bit like Anakin Skywalker!!


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