Saturday, March 24, 2007

Two sides of the wall: a poem for two voices

This brushed steel wall is my protection.
(... is my prison.)
I stand far behind it surveying
(... pressed up against it)
the fact that it is tall, wide, strong, impenetrable.

made impotent by the fact that I do not know how to begin to
bring it down

Copyright, 2007, Verilion

Aaah. This is not how I want this poem to look. I spent a lot of time lining up the lines which blogger completely ignored. Still, you are the reader, even if I had had it exactly as I wanted, there's no saying you would read it as I wanted. But all the same ... bloody blogger.


Susan Abraham said...

An adventure with Blogger is not easy. It blesses & curses. :-)

A lovely poem, Verilion. I so liked your words. Not to worry. Blogger couldn't remove its magic. :-)

Canterbury Soul said...

a cool piece of writing!

yes, blogger can be bloody at times. that's why i switched.

Verilion said...

And then again Blogger is so... easy. So so easy... Anyway, everything seemed to be going wrong yesterday and that was one more in the (not so very) long list (really). I'm a bit calmer about it all today.

Minx said...

You can 'sculpt' a block of text by putting in full stops and then colouring them to match you background. They stop text from flying around and looking untidy - not that it does of course - oh you know what I mean!

Nice words.

Marie said...

Lovely words.

I know what you mean about Blogger. It can be so annoying.

Debi said...

Maybe Blogger is the wall?

Wonderful words, V.

Verilion said...

I love the idea of sculpting text Minx. Ah well, seems you guys like it anyway. Is Blogger the wall? Well, I guess it could be, it can be anything you want it to be hey?

The Moon Topples said...

V: I know GoodThomas just went through trying to figure out indenting and tabs in html when posting a poem on his site. I think he ended up using "non-breaking spaces" which Blogger does not eat like it does regular ones.

Oh, and I liked your poem, as well.

Sorry if I've lost your respect over the blog sale thing. I wanted the money to fund my writing full-time, and I don't think anyone is really going to make an offer.

And as to your other comment: it is true that I have no heart.

(I'm posting these here since I'm commenting anyway, and I don't know if you go back and read replies to your comments. Sorry to stray off-topic.)

Verilion said...

non-breaking spaces... right. Mmm because I have to write loads of reports by Thursday night, I'm sure I will spend loads of time looking up non-breaking spaces.

Hey you haven't lost my respect at all. I just couldn't work it out, even though you said exactly why you wanted to sell it. I suppose I just thought that it wasn't real, I'm still struggling with the idea of how do you sell a blog? Like what exactly are you selling? It's a bunch of ideas and thoughts and almost a small bit of your personality, do you know what I mean? But the idea of two years full time writing is fantastic.
And re the other comment, I don't believe you for even a NANO second!

apprentice said...

Nice meshing together of words and image V!
The layout didn't spoil it for me.
Hope your reports go well.

Shameless said...

Great idea here, V. Two voices with different takes. Nicely done. I love the photo too! :)

Verilion said...

Hi apprentice and Shameless. I knew the photo had to go with the poem, the idea kind of worked together. There's no one in the photo so you can't really get the perspective, but it was just so ominous, so huge. It's part of the Berlin Wall memorial. Anyway thanks for the comments.

Shameless said...

V, sorry for this late mail re Lyon! I'm writing here because I couldn't find your email contact!

Anyway, the website for the theatre, which has a map and everything, is:

It also explains the metro and bus, but you'll find it eaier to walk there from the centre!

While you're in Lyon, these are some of the must sights, for me!:)

Croix Rousse, walking up the hillside (old buildings) from Place des Terraeaux (another must see).

Vieux Lyon. The best. Lots of little streets that need exploring (st jean, boeuf, trois maries) plus the adjoining St Paul. Loads of good restos here as well.

Take a walk up to the big church on the top of the Forviere hill, through a garden from Vieux Lyon. The view at the top is gorgeous, right across the whole of Lyon! Expore the streets behind the big church as well.

Check out the weekend market in my road, in the centre, Quai St Antoine ... lovely atmosphere, open until 1pm daily.

Three good museums ... one near town hall, Place des Terreaux, Institut Lumiere (cinema history) and museum of contemporary art at the Cité Internationale.

The Cité is close to a wonderful massive park, Parc Tete d'Or. This is great if the weather is good for walking about - lake, zoo (some animals remaining) and lots of grass!

There's also the national opera, behind the town hall; Place bellecour; and Rue Mercier for loads of good restos as well, although a bit touristy.

Obviously there is heaps more, but these are the MUST SEEs.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy the play! :)

Susan Abraham said...

Hi again Verilion,
Indeed, 2 sides of the wall it is...
for now Seamus goes to Paris & you come to Lyon...
from me too, have a great weekend and enjoy the sights & the play. :-)

Verilion said...

Thank you Seamus, I am so not ready for this trip. I'm not packed, I haven't even arranged to meet my travelling companion. I didn't even know what time the train left until yesterdy! I don't know where in France I'm going. Still thanks for the tips. I've duly googled and printed stuff up, I have the map for the theatre and I've got clean knickers. I guess that's about as ready as I need to be hey.
And Susan ironic hey! and thanks for the kind wishes.

Atyllah said...

Don't even talk to me about blogger, the internet or anything remotely technological. I'd like to blame it all on the Draconians but I suspect that might not be fair.

Brilliant piece of poetry!

Verilion said...

Hey Atyllah, you're back! Well, next week when I have a few days reprieve I will go to task with Blogger, meanwhile it's nice to have you back.
And Shameless, the Queeb and I followed a fair amount of your advice and we had a great time. I also conquered one of my other great fears, but I'll tell you about that later. Oh and the play was really funny...good job you put your photos up, but I'll tell you about that later too. Cheerio V


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