Sunday, June 24, 2007

Displacing Time

I've found another one of those Writing Prompt thingies. I think I found it through the Lions Writing Circle, or maybe I found it through Clockwork Chris, who I stumbled upon through Poetry Thursday. Anyway, while I was at Chris's I found a bunch more: 10 on Tuesday, 3 Word Wednesday, Friday's Feast, Sunday Scribblings. So far it's just Monday that's missing, seeing as Bonnie over at Words from a Wordsmith has set up Weekend Wordsmith, that can be Saturday's offering.

Anyway, I keep thinking that I need to do more with The Pimple Continued, so I decided that if I post to these prompty dooberies that I would link to that site rather than the mother site (that being here.)

I've been considering changing the template over there as well and found a nice one on failed painter's site, I particularly liked the navitabs. Having organised all the poetry on The Pimple into different themes, I thought the reader could click on the tab and see all the poems rather like a little anthology; except it looked awful. I somehow managed to hack bits out of the template though, I don't know how I did it, and I got the navitabs onto a test site. I'll play around with it some more and see how I get on.

In case you haven't guessed all this displacement activity is due to the dreaded reports. I haven't started. I tried yesterday, OK I didn't try at all, I woke up at half eleven, went to the gym, came home, had lunch and fell asleep on the sofa again. Is there a link between reports writing and sleeping sickness? I haven't slept this much all year... which is probably why I am now.

Anyway, this is my little offering to Sunday Scribblings. The prompt this week was: I have a secret.

Unshackle that Body

The secret struggles to escape,
held down by the immeasurable weight of fear,

constricted by empty lungs,

silenced between the bars of chords,

knocking on the immobile tongue,
pleading for release behind wide open eyes.

Prise open those lips,

loosen that tongue,
sing harmony through the chords,
breathe trust into those lungs,

provide a clear path,
fill openly with the lightness of sharing.

©copyright, 2007. Verilion.

And 14 links in one post! That was another little displacement activity.


Debi said...

Thanks for email, V. My reply keeps bouncing back - no matter which of my a/cs I send from. Looks like problem might be your end. Do you have another a/c you can email me on?

Verilion said...

The problem is at my end Debi, but I got all three! And have replied to two of them. Speak soon.

The Moon Topples said...

If there is a link between reports writing and sleeping sickness, I'm sure you embedded it somewhere within this post.

Marie said...

Great poem.

Verilion said...

Moon Topples - Well I don't know about the sleeping sickness and report writing, but report writing and doing absolutely EVERYTHING else yes, I did embed that in there.
Marie - Thanks


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