Friday, June 08, 2007

The weeks from Hell

The week from hell turned into yet another exhausting week followed by the ULTIMATE week from hell. The crappy thing is that these weeks from hell are all caused by work. I know that there are a great deal of things that I can’t complain about when it comes to my job (16 weeks holiday a year for a start), but jeez the bags around my eyes are becoming a burden to carry. I’m not even going to waste more time moaning about it, I’m just going to look for the silver linings. The good things about hanging around in one place for this long is at the end of this year I am eligible for a sabbatical I realised. So when I have some energy I’m going to give that some good long thought. In the meantime I’m going to try and conserve what little I have left for next week, the week after that and the one after that. 21 days and counting folks. Meanwhile, here’s a poem:

A way of Being

Through waves of exhaustion
eyes are drawn to bright shiny things.
Tales of full moon aggressions wane.
Saints and sinners blend into one.
Passion requires an energy that cannot be sparked.
Put life on hold till the bags can fade away
and summer’s rich glow replenishes wasted stock.

Copyright, 2007. Verilion


apprentice said...

Here's to those days ticking down asap.

Glad you're not letting it get to you, the tape's in sight just keep your head down.

Enjoyed the poem, anyone approaching a summer break will identify with it.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Summer's rich glow sounds realllly nice. mmm.
Good poem.
I know about working too much... try to get some rest and eat healthy, that will give you little perks of energy along the way, and a 'less harsh' crash than caffeine.

Best of luck... think of the vacation to come...


Verilion said...

I don't like to wish time away Apprentice, but wow this year has been wearing. Oh my...
And Scarlett I try to eat healthy, although I guess I'm not quite achieving my aim at the moment given my expanding waistline! I also tend to drink less tea in summer, so the caffeine crash is not too bad.

Marie said...

Drink lots of water - that's the best thing.

Nice poem.

Hope you have a nice summer break.

Verilion said...

I do drink lots of water (OK I try). Anyway 20 days and counting and I cleaned my flat up. Now for tea and a bath!

Canterbury Soul said...

hope the weekends's good for your body and soul. :)

Minx said...

Working with children is exhausting - the holidays are there for a reason. I have given up 20 years of school holidays in favour of more time off during term time. I think it is better but will miss the annual summer 6 weeks of laziness!

Verilion said...

Well CS, I did decide to make the most of the weekend knowing full well that writing was not going to be a part of it, so it was good for the soul, but the crunches were VERY VERY BAD for my neck! DOh!
And Minx OH if it was the kids that were tiring me. The kids are great, (although I may not be saying that next Friday) and keep me sane, it's the peripheral crap that wears me down. Still I've got a week away from all that next week and then maybe, just maybe that will be enough to keep me going for the next two weeks. 19 days!


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