Wednesday, June 20, 2007


When Seamus announced this Lion thing a few weeks back I didn’t hesitate about whether I was going to join or not. Work was dragging me under but I held a certain fondness for those lions and having seen some of them in the flesh (so to speak) I felt certain connection to them. The Shameless Lions Writing Circle has really taken off and I don’t know what it will become, but there is a really good feel about it. Some of the Lions have even branched off and created their own blogs or are off on travels who knows where. The original posts back at the circle have become a little more in-depth including the inspiration behind the names and Seamus has found the creator of each lion.

As I browsed Ahtzic Silis’s website on Monday there seemed a certain synchronicity in having chosen Endelyn, or maybe Endelyn chose me. Silis is an El Salvadorian artist and designer whose work is influenced by Mayan mythology. Although my trip into Mayan territory was at the end of my stay in Mexico, it was Latin American culture that awoke my senses after what felt like a period of being asleep. It seems so right that Endelyn’s inspiration comes from that land.

And then Endelyn’s name. Without a doubt if I ever went back to England it would be somewhere in the South West. I spent four years there and I remember that every time the coach joined the A38 it would be like I was coming home, whereas going over the Hammersmith overpass filled me with dread. So again it just seems so right that her name is Cornish.

So now a little word from my muse.

From Hurucan

When Hurucan sparked into existence
did you know that one day I would be with you?
When you first looked into my golden eyes
did you question how I came to be?
As your hands caressed my very force,
did you feel the crackle of unity
skip along your every fibre?

We are connected now, you and I.
We were connected then, you and I
though we did not know it.
A filament so fine joined us
through time and history
drawing us closer together,
though embroiled in other tragic stories.

Travelling closer than further apart,
until the cord between us uncoiled.
Lost in a swirl of confusion
we reached out, caught hold, drew in.
You explore me with your eyes
boring into what is beneath the skin,
the landscape of my very existence.

What did you feel standing before me?
Your soul engulfed in emptiness.
Regret that you were not aware
of my closeness.
Indifferent coincidence brought us together,
the union of senses and being
now holds us in our place.

©Copyright, 2007. Verilion


apprentice said...

Oh you've really bonded with that lion V. I can see you both strutting up some boulevard

Roary Lyon said...

I am very glad you and Endelyn found each other. Bonnie and I are getting closer each time we work together, but we have not produced anything like your very powerful poem. Excellent. In my opinion, synchronicity is proof that you have the right lion.

Endelyn said, "This could be as big or small a roar as you like, but please ROAR at the stupid people who make everyone else's life hell." Would you ask Endelyn to be more specific, please? It would help to know a little more; perhaps giving me an example would give me a direction to roar.

Verilion said...

Hi Apprentice, yep it seems that Endelyn has released the Lion in me!
Hello Roary, I will tell Endelyn to drop by and be a little more specific and we're both glad you liked the poem.

Marie said...

That's great about Endelyn. So pleased that you've found each other. Really love the poem.

Minx said...

Oh V, that's wonderful writing. I really loved it - more than inspiring!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

This is so great!!!

I love everything you wrote.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

The Moon Topples said...

Very Lion: Don't you think you should maybe change your profile pic (in light of your new connection) so that you aren't wearing lion heads as shoes?

Just a suggestion. That seems like the kind of thing that could cause problems with your new pal.

Verilion said...

Hi Marie, Minx and Scarlett, glad you liked the poem. Now onto the lion's heads. It's true that they are lion's heads, but they are made out of polyester and fake fur and keep my feet warm in winter with their cotton lining. Endelyn doesn't seem to be particularly offended by those slippers, just my whole cuddly toy collection in general. I often come home now and find Wol has mysteriously flown on top of the shelves or my snoring koala is in some dust bunny filled corner under the bed and Fernando the bull is cowering inside of pillow cases while Endelyn takes up the whole bed looking very smug with herself...

I do sometimes catch myself writing this stuff and thinking: 'reality check!' and then I remember that I plan to write a book set in a different world all summer so never mind hey.


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