Thursday, August 09, 2007

Aw look at those big blue eyes

Oh pretty little kitty,
why can't you live with me?
For I live in a city,
and you would not be free.

Believe when I say I care,
'bout your near fateful life,
with me it would not be fair,
I'd only cause you strife.

I wish you an outdoor reign,
with mice and trees and bees,
wish you sun to soak your mane,
wish you could be with me.

copyright, 2007. Verilion

Beautiful blue eyed Bella was rescued from the bagman by a kindly neighbour when her mother gave birth to an unwanted litter. Fortunately Bella and her sister Jade have found a new loving home with a maternal rottweiler who licks Bella's belly and a parrot (a bloody noisy little bugger who everybody is ignoring at the moment). I wonder if Tess is maternal though, as she licks everything and left huge globs of saliva running off my toes yesterday! Anyway, Bella's brother Spike is still homeless and there was a moment there when I almost broke down and said YES. I love cats and Bella loved my lap, but boo hoo, I just don't think city cats kept in tiny little flats where they can't get outside is right. I'm right aren't I?


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Erm, I don't know... how about having lots of cattoys and a catlead for catwalks (it is Paris and haute couture after all...)

I've had friends who've kept their cats in their flats and it seems to have worked out fine... Get a goldfish and a canary for company...

Verilion said...

Bloody Hell Vanilla. Ten points for the quickest comment ever!
Shit, don't say that. I live on the first floor, and I think my flat is just over 30m2. And yes I have seen cats on leads here (you're right it is Paris), but should cats be tethered? Stop encouraging me, your worse than my mother who just assumed I would say YES.

Anonymous said...

That is a seriously beautiful cat!

Marie said...

Oh, I so sympathise with you right now! It seems lately that everywhere I look I see cats which just adds to my longing for one. I live in a flat too and it wouldn't be fair to keep one as I would worry about letting it out.

What a gorgeous kitten!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I dunno... cats can do well in apartments...
but I LOVE your poem!
You have a way with words, lady.

I think the kitty would do ok. A close companion goes where you go; it's about the partnership, not the placing so much. With cats.

Dogs are different...

but how could you say no to that kitty?
Oh. I'D take that feline if I could figure out how to get it over here.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore (oh wait... I have a cat... a BIG one)

Verilion said...

Hi Jason, Bella is totally beautiful, as is Jade who is identical except she has green eyes and a completely different personality.
And Marie, a cat could wander about in the courtyard, but it's not very exciting and I'd worry that he would get out onto the road too!
Scarlett, hello and thanks. I've known friends who have kept cats in apartments too and the cats have been kind of ... well one attacked everything that came through the front door and the other one hid every time some one new appeared, apart from when her owner was on holiday once and then the cat attached itself very firmly to the leg of the person who was feeding her. Oooooooooooh.... I'm trying to convince my friend to take Spike. She has a garden, I will work on her some more today.

kimy said...

having had cats my whole life, outdoor, indoor-outdoor, and indoor only varieties I'll add my 2 cents on cats. I currently live in a city (albeit not as grand as paris) and have 5 totally indoor cats (I really have 3 but when my daughter moved in w/ a guy with a big dog I 'inherited' her two cats). these cats are very happy and bring much joy. unlike dogs they do well in small spaces and if left alone when we travel. go for it!

and by the way, research shows that pets are good for one's health - both physical and mental!! the poem is meowarvolous!!

Jefferson Davis said...

Aww....poor little kitty. Felines are mystical and perhaps even guardians to the netherworld. I love cats, especially black ones. :-)

Minx said...

Have you asked the cat what he thinks?

apprentice said...

Lovely picture and poem. I too hope you can find a way to keep it. Years ago I visted my friend's aubt place in Monparnasse (splg) and she kept a cat in a tiny studio flat, although he did go out the roof from time to time.

Verilion said...

Ok Kimy I am taking your advice into consideration, Spike the homeless kitty is a grey and black tabby Jefferson and Minx as I type Spike is being asked what he wants. If he says YES I will probably go and get him on Monday. And Apprentice your message has just popped up on messenger, but I used to live near Montparnasse! I am currently assessing my home to see how much of a kitty death trap it is.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Wheee, ten points, kewl. Can I buy chocolate with them?

I can see you're torn about this kitty business... I think Spike will have to be the one to decide. I just wonder though, just to throw a spanner in the works... would you get him neutered - toms are given to "a-wandering we will go...."

Just remember this - whatever decision you make, it will be the right one.

Taffiny said...

We live in what is, for the moment, still countryside. Our cat is an inside cat. Sometimes we do take him out on a leash, but this not being Paris, tends to confuse people, who keep expecting him to be a dog.

Every vet we have ever been to (with this cat and ones before) have told us NOT to let our cats outside. We thought this odd, fresh air, sunshine, chasing birds, butterflies, sounds like an ideal cat life. But they all went on about cats being hit by cars, and attacked by other animals, and fleas and tics and rabies, on and on they would go, acting like it was cruel of us to even think of doing such a thing. (maybe it is an american vet thing)

I do feel bad for our cat from time to time and do take him out for a bit ( like once every three months). But he has shown to not be so bright, decides to lie down and nap on the road. Plus mostly he just sits and eats grass, reminding me more of a cow, than a playful kitty.

When I was younger I had a cat get hit by a car (died). I had a kitten get killed by (probably) another outside cat. My aunt had two cats hit by cars( both died).

Most of the people I know, despite having yards, keep their cats indoors.
You need to do what you feel is best, what you are comfortable with. But a loving home (even a tiny one) is a wonderful place for a cat. It would not be a good idea to have scads of cats in small space. (I'm not sure what amount equals scads?)

Oh and also, different cats have different personalites, and so do different breeds (regardles of indoor/ outdoor). Our cat is very friendly to everyone (siamese) and chatty, and doesn't bite!

That reminds me, we got him at an animal shelter, and I think we had to say that we would keep him inside, or they wouldn't let us take him.

best wishes for a happy future to you and the kitty

Verilion said...

Well folks, I got Spike's response at ten to fur(that was a typo but it's kind of appropriate) yesterday and he's already been found a home. My phone went off right in the middle of the writing group which was kind of embarrassing, but it did mean that I got to explain to the others in the group and I have been told about another woman who is looking for homes for her kittens. I called her last night, is it kind of stalky to call again?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Yeah, it is kind of stalky - but who said there was anything wrong with stalking, especially if it's for a good cause! ;-)

Verilion said...

Right well I called the woman again (my friend who is trying to get me to be all responsible, made me call)and she was bonkers and she thought I was asking her if she had a kitchen to give away! Anyway we finally managed to understand each other and it's her friend who has rescued the kitten! So now I have phoned the friend and the friend tried to phone me... I will try again tomorrow. Apparently new kitty is doing very well and the woman is delighted that I am going to adopt it. And a name now?

kimy said...

if i could knit i'd be knitting some mittens for your new kitten. congrats. i'm sure the name will come when you start getting acquainted/ similarly to what AV said about the adoption - "Just remember this - whatever decision you make, it will be the right one." whatever name chosen will be the right one. meow!!!

Minx said...

No other name - Kitchen(er)

L.M.Noonan said...

it's a tough call...I have three cats so I'm biased. What's one more kitty litter tray.

Verilion said...

I've got a nice blue kitty tray, I suppose I should do, will do a proper update, but meanwhile a kitten arrives tomorrow. Oooh I'm so excited.


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