Friday, August 03, 2007

I think therefore I am

Well it all started with Poetess really. She gave one to Marie and Jon M, then Marie gave one to me and Jon gave one to Vanilla and then Vanilla gave it to me as well. What am I talking about? I’m talking about this:

Firstly, I'd like to give a big thank you to Marie and Vanilla for giving me this award. The award goes to bloggers who answer blog comments, emails, and make their visitors feel at home on their blogs. The description on the original post is a bit more in depth, and you can read it all here, but for now according to the rules I am supposed to pass it on to 5 more bloggers.

Can I just say now that if you are on my blogroll then it’s precisely because you are a thoughtful blogger that you are there and I’m sorry I can’t choose you all. Having said that, there’s quite a few of these little badges popping up, so if you’ve recently had one, ehm, I’m sorry but I want to share the pleasure of receiving one of these little things, so I haven’t picked you again.

So finally to the point, ta ta ta tahhh da da da da da daaaaaaahh:

Jude from Jude’s Writing Corner – she is a positive little bean in the blog universe, gives good advice about writing and doesn’t seem to moan about her job at all (scratching my head in confusion there)!

Kyklops – He’s a Canadian living in Japan and he’s got a bad shoulder, but he still had time to show me how to put italics in my comments box yesterday (and being such a good pupil you may notice that I’ve excelled and can now do bold too).

Apprentice at My Gap Year – She always replies to my comments over at her blog and she even comes over here and leaves lovely comments. She also takes beautiful photographs that make me think and is kind enough to introduce her readers to new things like renga and haiban.

Shameless – My fellow kind of Frenchie blogger. He writes very thoughtful posts, poems and short stories and is always completely positive and courteous and he gave away all his lions.

And lastly (but definitely not least) Mr. Moon Topples – he’s a bit quiet at the mo and maybe this might tempt him out, but if not no matter. He’s one of those thoughtful, creative, multi-talented types who has always made me feel more than welcome over at his blog.

So have a nice Friday all. I’m feeling all glowy from my awards and having a really good writing day yesterday. I was so pleased with myself that I thought I would treat myself with episode 18 of Heroes that I had been putting off because I knew that if I allowed myself to watch it, then I would want to watch 19 and it would become a distraction and not a treat. So could I find it anywhere? Could I hell. Bum, bum, bum, bum.

PS I also got this award from Scarlett as well, but I didn't realise until after I had put up this post.


apprentice said...

Thank you V. I like coming here and reading about life in Paris and all the interesting things you get up to it always adds to my day.

Verilion said...

Yeah, well Paris is not too interesting at the mo. I seem to be spending an awful lot of time staring at the bit of blank wall above my laptop. It's about the only bit of blank wall in the flat. It has to be blank otherwise I get distracted. Sometimes I even get distracted by those darned fruit flies! I am giving myself a little bit of time off later though, cos I had a good day yesterday, so hopefully I'll have something interesting to tell you tomorrow.

Jon M said...

You're right V. I suppose we all put folks who respond on our Blogrolls. It's fun getting an award though ain't it? :-)

Minx said...

Ooh yes, I like awards. I like them so much that I have been giving out some more - to me!

Verilion said...

Oh yes it is Jon! He he. Now what has that Minx been up to?

The Moon Topples said...

Buh Dup: Thank you for thinking me thoughtful. I think thoughts of thoughfulness at you as well.

I surprised myself by actually giving out a set of awards rather than just passing the buck as I tend to do with this sort of thing. Come and read, if you like.

Verilion said...

Hey Maht I did read your post. I'm beginning to imagine what your speech for the Man Booker or Nobel will be like! ; ) just glad that you're still here.

kyklops said...

Hi V, it's very thoughtful of you to think I'm thoughtful (er, you know what I mean). Sorry about (un-thoughtfully?) taking so long to respond, but (as is my usual whine these days) between work and ongoing pain/numbness my online output has been reduced to a few sporadic outbursts when time/meds allow.
The main problem I have when I'm "tagged" is that my blogroll is very short (I keep meaning to do something about this...), which usually means the people that come to mind as candidates for tagging have already been tagged, or have just been tagged by some other meme (and in this case, some of my online friends almost never respond to comments, etc!!).
Anyway, while I truly do appreciate your gesture, I'm afraid I can't accept the award at this time. I can't let a "good link" go unrewarded, though, so I'll link back to you ASAP (I know you're not concerned about it, but my "sense of honor" demands it!).
Thanks again!

Verilion said...

Would that be your John Wayne sense of honour Kyklops? ; )
No matter it's just a bit of fun in the end and I know what you mean about everyone being tagged at the same time. Anyway I think you are a thoughtful blogger and I just need to get the hang of those links now!


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