Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Orange Squash

Will you look at this? It’s an early morning post! And that would be because I’m off to the Normandy for the day. I picked a nice day for it, it’s absolutely peeing down! Thought I’d leave you with a little poem though.
Orange Squash
Do you remember the day
you put up the garden fence?
I ran up the stairs
and down the stairs
over and over
with the glee that only a child can muster?
One at time
two at a time
three at a time.
Sometimes there was a glass of orange squash
waiting for me,
sometimes there was a glass for you.
Who were you working with?
I only remember you
and the brilliant blue sky.
At four at a time
I tumbled round and round.
When I opened my eyes there was a halo of heads looking down.
You all seemed very tall
for I was very small.
©copyright, 2007. Verilion
It’s been up on The Pimple before, but it’s had a wee edit since. I did have some other comments about adding a couple of lines about what the orange squash was like, but wasn’t a 100% sure about that.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Aw - lovely, V! So nicely evokes childhood and tumbling down stairs!

Enjoy Normandy - are you planning on bringing home some Calvados? ;-)

Jon M said...

I liked it, don't elaborate on the orange squash, it has a sort of simple assumption that we all know what orange squash is, as a child would.
I think...Enjoy Normandy...say hello to Norman...

Jefferson Davis said...

Aww...It reminds me so much of childhood innocence. Very well done, V. :-)

I hope you have a blast in Normandie. Visit Saint-Georges-de-Boscherville, if you have time. It's an absolutely gorgeous piece of Romanesque architecture.

Verilion said...

Hello Vanilla, eh no I didn't bring any Calvados back, but I did nearly bring something else. Ooooh....
I did say hello to Norman Jon, but he kind of stared at me all funny as if he was wondering who the hell I was.
Thank you Jefferson, I didn't visit St. Georges de whatsitville either but I did spend an inordinately long time in DIY stores and supermarkets. Don't ask, I was visiting family.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, tell, what did ya nearly bring back...???!!!

Verilion said...

I told ya and you commented in like less than two minutes from posting. I'm impressed!


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