Sunday, July 02, 2006

More of Me

Right I have spent hours at this, but I am sharing a bit more of me with YOU.

Since the beginning of June I have been waiting impatiently for Leaf Books to announce their shortlist. Finally on Thursday it was printed. I didn't win, I didn't even make it onto the highly commended list. There was a rather nice comment about how their readers found the job very difficult and that they had enjoyed reading many of the other stories, but how did I know if they liked mine? So a little idea formed in my head (well actually nicked from Minx and Lee and bouyed on by Skint's success with his POD venture).

So if you look over at the side bar there's a new bit: The Pimple Continued. On that I will post my work in progress (or in this case works that got nowhere). Please feel free to comment, say they are crap, how they could be improved, never write again, YES it's the best thing I read in ages. You know that sort of thing and when it disappears from the blog it will mean that I've sent it off into the big wide world. There are a couple of stories up there already and if you like finding new fiction on the web, then I have also linked to other fiction blogs there.

I also had to link to the Free Templates page. Thanks Maxine for suggesting that link; found just the background I was looking for, spent hours farting around with it till it did what I want, but it's pretty good, me thinks.

Right, well that's it, I'm handing my babies over to you:


skintwriter said...

Hi Verilion, eventually read both your stories despite the phenonemon discussed elsewhere about how difficult it is to read online, especially the work of other bloggers that you 'know'.

I like the way you write, and both stories hint at a deep understanding of the human condition. I like the Miss Havers character, there's a lot of mileage in a character like that.

I found both pieces could be the beginning of a longer story, like a novel. You've said before you find it difficult ot stop writing - so don't. I think you've got a lot more to say.

Your writing shows talent and skill, I'm not sure you've 'found your voice' completely yet, perhaps because you're writing from the point of view of characters who are not 'you'.

One of the most important lessons I've learned about writing is that you shouldn't be afraid to let the truth come out - all good writing is infused with truth, especially fiction, ironically.

It doen't mean you'll be commercially successful (I should know) but you will enjoy your writing and eventually stop being as wannabe and just be a writer.

In fact, you are already a writer, just let go of that wannabe tag and soar awy - you've got the necessaries.

Thanks for the read :)

Verilion said...

Thank you Skint for taking the time out to read my stuff. I think you’re right about my voice, everything is slightly different at the moment.

My friend Jane read Miss Havers and she felt there was a lot more to say there too and when it was forming there was a back story there with a completely different ending. She’s kind of based on someone I know very well! But I am sort of limiting myself at the moment. I was writing YA fiction a while ago (I may post some of it) but I tended to get lost somewhere along the line, so I figured I would concentrate on trying to get the stories out in short story form to begin with and get to the end of something.

As for Heart Attack, it started off as a dream. It's a very visual thing that I can see very clearly in my head. I loved writing it and it was one of those cathartic moments for me. I'll have a look at it again and see if it can grow (and fix the typos)

And as for commercial success! Poof! Writing is just something that has to be done isn't it. When I started writing again (properly)last year it was like I had rediscovered a limb I had kept tied behind my back. It was a bit shaky and needed some physio, but boy I'm never going to tie it up again. ( :

Maxine said...

Really glad the template link was useful, Verilion. I'm looking forward to reading your stories at the weekend when I get a bit more time than I have in the weeks...
all my best

Verilion said...

Thanks Maxine, I look forward to your feedback.


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