Monday, July 17, 2006

A Round up of the News this Weekend

I was watching the end of the Tour de France on Saturday and it occurred to me that I hadn’t watched or read the news in a few days, so I thought I would flick through the teletext while I was watching.

So Israel and Lebanon are at war. Another case of big boys with rockets bombing the shit out of a little boys with stones.

The UN have come up with their list of sanctions for North Korea.

150 people were arrested in India in connection with the terrorist attacks earlier in the week (or maybe not).

And the G8 summit began in St. Petersburg.

Just to add to this special potion of doom and gloom I then decided to read Baghdad Burning.

Oh, but the Space Shuttle was due to land either Monday or Tuesday depending on weather.

What happened to the good news? Where is the joy in the world hiding? Why do we have to search for that glimmer of hope while the shit keeps on raining down?

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