Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Challenge Grows

Ok so I'm finally getting round to posting the new challenge. The process of honing something down to fifty words meant getting all the back story in your head and then stripping it down to its essence - at least that's what I did - but there's still a story there in your head. Anne (aka Fanny Powers) and I then talked about expanding it, and then naturally people commented on which stories they liked best, so that's the challenge.
  1. Click on the label FLASH FICTION below.
  2. Choose ONE of the stories.
  3. Expand the idea to 500 words. You don't have to include any of the original entry. In fact it would be quite fun guessing which one inspired you.
Looking forward to reading these. Guess I've really got to get started now. Oh and this challenge will finish 31st January at 12 midnight (my time - which I think is CET, but I can't be sure).


Atyllah said...

Another challenge! Oy! All these competitions, all this writing! When's a chicken supposed to get her own manuscript finished! Wail!
But I really like the idea - very cool.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi there Verilion,
Thank god, you gave a decent deadline.
2 qestions:
a) you're on Parisian time,I presume...tee-hee!
b) can we choose our own story?

Verilion said...

I know the feeling Atyllah, but then these are nice and short so they don't take that long; honest!
And Susan to answer your questions. a)Yes I am on parisian time and I've just checked and it is CET, Central European Time. B) Of course you can choose your own story. I thought about that at first, but there's something about paring it down ot thtose fifty words in the first place that made me reluctant to work on it again.

Susan Abraham said...

I love my little matchbox bit, Verilion. I'll announce your challenge today or tomorrow.

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