Thursday, January 11, 2007

I’ve got nothing but bad news

Do you remember some time ago I complained, ranted, raved about the Electricity and all things Technological Gremlin? Well, the bastard has struck again.

My computer has been playing up for some time and yesterday I packed him up and took him off to the doctor. There’s a whole pile of them advertising in the FUSAC: no fix no deal, no fix no pay. Anyway, I was convinced that my computer had a wee worm or virus or whatever. The last time it was going nuts and I took it to the Server Guy he managed to temporarily make him better (which should have been a clue that perhaps the old Satellite’s problems were more serious). Anyway, then there was this post on Debi Alper’s sites about Trojans and so such so I sent for the Calvary and they seemed to whoop those spy wares and ad wares for a while, but the old thing has still been getting poorly. For so long in fact that it’s been a while since I’ve been able to watch DVD’s on it (not that I like watching DVD’s on the computer, but every now and again the thought of the odd episode of the West Wing while I’m in the bath), burn CD’s, download music, make a video; hah! Anyway, gradually my computer has become nothing more than a word processor and a pretty slow method of checking e mail and surfing more than one page at a time is a wee bit daring.

The Doc was a very quietly spoken calm Scot who just so happens to live up the road. He asked me lots of relevant questions and then threw in: “What time do you go to bed?” which didn’t seem relevant at all, except he then explained that he was a bit of a night owl and if he had any news he would ‘give me a tinkle’ before my bedtime. So, last night as I was struggling over a so called ‘medium’ sudoku (I’ve lost my sudoku mojo too) I heard the phone ring. I sprang out of bed (which is not so easy after the self flagellation of the ‘Bums and Tum’s class at the gym the other night) and heard that soft Scottish brogue again: “I’m afraid I’ve nothing but bad news.” I wasn’t sitting down at the time, but I managed to take it. In the light of day I’m beginning to want to slap the girl who didn’t back up ALL her WRITING, MUSIC, PHOTOS.

Also in the light of day I’m thinking: Right send the Satellite off for surgery and then transplant the insides into a new smashing fantabulous computer; one that isn’t 7.5 kg. The question is which one? I’m having a wee look at the Apple MacBook and Sony Vaio and they are both blooming expensive, but, but, but, the point is here we are all using computers, so some of us must know something about computers. If it can be done on a computer I will find a way of doing it, I love USING them. If it’s a problem, I’ll have a go until I am beaten and bloody. If it’s inside I’ll run screaming beaten to the hills, and basically that’s where I am, so please if anybody knows anything at all about computers: WHICH ONE SHOULD I GO FOR?

But lastly back to the Gremlin problem. I think it’s to do with bragging, every time I brag the exact opposite happens. I noticed this a while ago and I caught myself when I started saying: ‘Tomorrow my computer will be better…’ and then I got all excited and said it again, and again, and again. NO MORE BRAGGING, must stop.


skint writer said...

hi V

I occasionally buy computers on behalf of 'clients'. Unless you specifically want a Mac, I would just go for a decent brand like Compaq/HP and get just one level up from the cheapest.

I just pop down to Currys and pick up a PC. Truth is they're all pretty much the same nowadays. A desktop costs around £400 and a laptop just a little bit more.

The important thing is to keep it fully protected with anti-virus, spyware and firewall software.

I use the windows XP firewall that comes with the pc and AVG free anti-virus and spyware and set everything for fully automatic updates.

then download Firefox and Open Office for free and away you go

PCs have really improved over the last couple of years, you can't really go wrong with xsaa decent brand

Oh, I also remove Norton if it comes pre-installed, it's far too intrusive and cumbersome

Verilion said...

Hey Skint, well it seems I was being a wee bit impetuous this morning (as well as maybe a wee bit depressed). I went into the Server Guy's boss for some advice about a new PC and he gave me the look... you know the: "Aren't you being a wee bit impetuous?" So I'm lugging the bloody thing into him tomorrow so that he can give me the low down. I've got firefox already and am a big fan, didn't know about the Free Office though! Thanks for the advice though, I will take all of it into account should the hardware here be really beyond help.

Verilion said...

Just a quick addendum to that last comment. While I think that I can often be called impetuous, the word I meant to use was IMPULSIVE.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Verilion,
I just read Skint's informative reply.
I love Firefox!
I use AVG free anti-virus too. You can download it straightaway from the Net.
It has picked up the most tiresome viruses especially Trojan etc. tells you where the viruses are located and you can just command them to be removed. It checks every file thoroughly & sends all viruses to a vault. You can have AVG running while still surfing the net.
You mentioned CD burning. It's very easy to pick up viruses in sites like sites are one of the worst, I've found.

Incidentally, I too removed Norton from my laptop as I found it problematic.

Marie said...

I've just bought myself a new Compaq/HP laptop and I think it's OK considering it's one of the cheapest. I wanted another Sony Vaio laptop but they are so expensive.

Good luck.

Atyllah said...

Computers are like cars, I just drive 'em and leave the wizardry up to Chicken Man who knows about all these things including building the damn things from scratch.
But yes, I can heartily advocate firefox and a damned good firewall and anti-virus and spyware software.
Perhaps the Server Guy's Boss can help you with all that. And remember, at some time that thing is going to have to have an upgrade,they don't last forever!


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