Monday, January 29, 2007


If the cold crept in and numbed my very soul,

Then the sun suffused my skin and washed it warm again.

If the moon caused my moods to sway back and forth like the ebbing tides,

Then the stars muted light offered hope and deliverance.

Copyright, 2007, Verilion


Marie said...

I really like it, V. Gazing up at the stars always gives me hope.

Shameless said...

lovely v, you really captured something powerful.

Minx said...

Wherever are you getting all these little gems. Quick, grab them and store them somewhere. Oh yes, you did!

Verilion said...

Hi you guys, thanks for the comments. Well Minx part of this came from being so bleeding cold last week and there was the first and second line. The three and four came to me as I walked past the cemetery on the way home. Even if my ears are stinging by the time I get in, it's nice to walk past a piece of OPEN sky in this built up city every now and again.


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