Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Awen: He came back.

Aduviri: Who did?

Awen: HE did.

Aduviri: NOOOOO!!! When?

Awen: Yesterday.

Aduviri: Did he say where he’d been? It’s been what... almost a year, no?

Awen: Yeah, almost. No of course he didn’t say where he’d been.

Aduviri: Man! What are you going to do? Are you going to let him in again.

Awen: I don’t know. There’s the other one now. He’s sulking, I don’t think he’s gone away, he’s just sulking... I think.

Aduviri: What do you mean you think? Have you even tried to get in touch with him?

Awen: A little bit.

Aduviri: A little bit. What do you mean a little bit?

Awen: I got his book out and I kind of flicked through his notes and that.

Aduviri: And?

Awen: And then Alex arrived again.

Aduviri: So?

Awen: Do you think I can do both of them?

Aduviri: Well... Alex isn’t just Alex is he? There’s that tall hairy one, and the other tall hairy fatter one, and the girl and his brother. I mean he doesn’t come alone.

Awen: No, I know that.

Aduviri: And then the other one (sighs)?

Awen: I think he may have stopped sulking, or he’s beginning to (nods).

Aduviri: OK (nods too).

Aduviri: But Alex is never going to go away for good is he?

Awen: No (slowly). Not till I've got him all out, no.

©copyight, 2007, Verilion.


Absolute Vanilla AND Atyllah said...

I came back too - I think... perhaps... maybe... we'll see...
Curiouser and curiouser

kyklops said...

Hmm... I feel completely in the dark. I'm not complaining. I'm just in the dark...

Verilion said...

Avaa, do we call you that now? Cos Absolute Vanilla and Aytllah is a wee bit of a mouthful, or are you definitely two separate entities?
And Kyklops, I think I'm in the dark too. Just a conversation I overheard.

Anonymous said...

I just love this -- love the captured nugget of conversation. We've missed the beginning and the end, if there even was such things but the part we have here is delicious.

Verilion said...

Well this piece was actually influenced by YOU GT! The conversation aspect of it, not the actual subject. There is no beginning as such, maybe there will be one day and maybe an end too!


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