Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It’s kind of slow season over here in the news department and if it’s not: Wolves run rampage in the Alps, followed by images of the concerned faces of many lopsided farmers and corpses of fluffy sheep then it’s scenes of utter destruction as more rivers break their banks in the UK. So these articles caught my eye:

Flirting and Fornication tells of the runaway success of the online dating site Meetic. Did you know for instance that it was French? I didn’t. Did you also know that:

In France alone, 5 million people spend precious hours chatting every day, flirting, meeting and fornicating with perfect strangers.

No, moi non plus, but what I was more interested in was that last year their profits rose by 70% to £18m, kind of makes you wish that you had thought of it first hey? On the down side this 25 year old Parisian had this to say (just imagine the accent):

"I have no more time to waste trying to charm girls in cafes ... the process is too long and too arduous.. With Meetic ... I often score on the first date. Not long ago, when I was a teenager, girls kept me salivating for weeks. Forget it."

Do you think someone should tell him he’s going to end up a 35 year old single man?

Sex discrimination rife and equality will take generations, says axed commission, is pretty much what it says it’s about.
20% of MPs are women and it will take 195 years to close the gap.
40% of women have less pension than men and it will take 45 years to close that gap.
38% of women earn less in full time jobs than men and that gap will take 25 years to close.
17% of women earn less in part time jobs and it will take 20 years to close the gap.
The Equal Opportunities Commission goes on to say:

‘...we are living with the consequences of an unfinished social revolution. We are still faced with many workplaces, institutions and services designed for an age when women stayed at home. In other areas of modern life, inequality underpins life and death issues. For example, every month seven women are killed by their partner or ex-partner.’

If that is too depressing for you then my suggestion is that you stock up on your winter woollies and move to Finland. When I was studying a few years ago I read an article about high achieving women there. Throughout their lives they had grown up with a sense of egalitarianism and that all their achievements were valued. It was these two things which differentiated them from their other western counterparts. Also as a link to the next article, Finland is one of the cleanest countries (if not the cleanest) regarding carbon emissions.

Ethical shopping is just another way of showing how rich you are is an interesting look at man’s obsession with shopping. But as Monibot says: No political challenge can be met by shopping. The rest of the article is quite interesting too, I didn’t know that you could get recycled biros for a start. His website also seems to be full of interesting little gems too.

Lastly this review caught my eye:

The Simpsons movie gives you everything you could possibly want, and maybe it's a victim of its own gargantuan accomplishment. Eighty-five minutes is not long enough to do justice to 17 years of comedy genius. It's still great stuff.

Peter Bradshaw gushes. I think he wants us to go see it.


jason evans said...

Inequality between the genders is something that doesn't compute for me. I know it exists, but I have difficulty understanding why. I was just born in a different age, I guess. Women now outnumber men in law schools in the U.S.

Where would Harry be without Hermione? ;)

Verilion said...

And women out perform men academically, but inequality persists. Have you read Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine? It's one that I've used throughout my career. From the first line of: "On Monday morning Bill woke up and found he was a girl..." onwards it instantly engenders discussion and whether I've read it to 2nd Graders or 5th, they already have an understanding of gender stereotypes that almost seems as if they were born with it. That's what we're fighting against, so unfortunately I believe the stats in that article.

Marie said...

I'm moving to Finland!

Actually, I'm thinking of moving to Sweden as it is similar to Finland with regards to equality and the environment, as all Nordic countries are. And, as a regular visitor to Sweden, I absolutely love it.

I haven't been to Finland but I'd love to visit one day as it looks beautiful. I don't mind the cold!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Oh Verilion, way to lay it all out there!

1. Men going online for sex makes me physically sick. Anyone going online for it... actually, not just men. It should be natural, it should be love, it should take time and not a couple of clicks and a first date. What is that, a drive thru? Take a number?

I know... I'm not being realistic.
Still makes me sick.

2. I am a feminist and a liberal... so this totally appeals to me. Except I have unrealistically high hopes that these gaps will close sooner than the time frame given. I push all the girls I know -of every age and nationality- to be more than what they think they are, which is oftentimes not even close to their potential.

Go girls.

3. I haven't seen the movie... sorry.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Verilion said...

Hi Marie, it is a shame that it's so cold. Actually I'm not sure it's the cold that would bother me, in winter I just hibernate anyway, fantastic excuse to write. No, it's the dark, I need the sun otherwise I get SAD. I would love to visit though.
Hi Scarlett,
well point by point
1. Men looking for sex is a given isn't it? The internet is just another way of doing it. Read the article actually, I pulled out a quote but there's a hell of a lot more equality on this site then in the 'real' French life. Added to the British stats I think we can add another twenty years here.
2. Well good for you hon. Unfortunately research reveals that YUP: education is one of those prime culprits for reinforcing gender stereotypes. But don't forget the boys, cos they need a bit of help in keeping up with us. (;
3. Me neither, but I kind of want to now. I love the Simpsons. I just love that line when Homer turns up in a pink shirt because he's mixed the wash and Burns goes: "Who's that? He must be some kind of free thinking anarchist." Love it. It's so clever. Quite like that other one Matt Groening does too, Futurama.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I wonder whether we will ever get past inequality - if it's not between the sexes, it's between races/cultures, rich vs poor etc. Our world runs rampant with it and those who "benefit" remain totally unkeen for the rest to get equal. A certain chicken of my acquaintance would have plenty to say on the subject but I'm not sure we want to get her started...

Minx said...

It doesn't matter which sex your brain is - only how you use it.

Blogger said...

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