Sunday, July 01, 2007


Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is: What’s your Sign? Well, unless this is the very first time you’ve been here I’ll let you off; otherwise it should be no surprise to anybody that I am a Leo.

But what it is it that makes a Leo a Leo? I don’t know. I’ve read all that astrology stuff and I’ve met people that are well into it, but I don’t go for all the 'your ascendancy is in Uranus' and 'rising moon' thing. Well, for a start I just don’t get it and secondly the horoscopes that we read in the paper are aimed at millions of people. They may as well say: ‘You’ll have a good day today’, because it will probably still be applicable to the same amount of people. I read one horoscope about a month ago that told me it was time to get my teeth cleaned! In a way that one was kind of amusing because there was no pretence in reading the future, no, it was just openly saying: We are sponsored by Colgate.

Anyway, that’s my point. That stuff that says ‘A typical Leo is...’ will probably have one sentence that says something about you, but it might have twelve that have nothing to say about you. So are you typical or not?

Really, at the end of the day I like to think that I am an atypical Leo:

Atypical Leos like cats of all shapes and sizes the reason being that an atypical Leo generally likes to snooze in comfortable places. Uncomfortable places do not equal the number of hours an atypical Leo needs to sleep. Atypical Leos relate to their feline counterparts. Note the ‘fe’ in feline like ‘fe’ in female. Tigers have stripes; atypicals have wardrobes full of stripy socks, t-shirts, tops, hair bands, jumpers. Lions have manes; atypicals generally have hair that cannot be tamed. Big Cats roar, atypicals have been known to roar. Cats tend to be independent, apart from the atypicals, which pretty much sums up the atypical Leo. Leo the constellation sparkles down on us, flickering inspiration into open heads and atypicals live with their heads in the clouds a little closer to the stars than most. Leo’s are a fiery sun sign, atypicals can live with that.

You are what you are: a snippet of Leo, a whisper of meaning in the vowels of your name, your eastern side described by the Chinese, your number, your colour, whatever. There are so many different ways to discover our true inner meaning, except actually there’s only one way. Only you can go on the journey and find out who you really are.


Vesper said...

I don't believe in predictions of future, or your fate being written in the stars or on a newspaper page. But there is something that I find intriguing when I read about the character of people born under Aries - my sign, which I obviously know best. How did they come up with it? It's absolutely amazing (for me) how many things match. It must the result of observations over time - I find it very puzzling.

The Moon Topples said...

Glad you are an atypicat. I myself am a Cancer, but I've never killed anyone or grown at an alarming rate.

Verilion said...

Hi Vesper, thanks for dropping by. I dunno, I'm still very sceptical about the whole personality thing too.
And MT I'm glad that you've never killed anyone or grown at an alarming rate. What about walking sideways or pinching people?

jason evans said...

I often wonder whether we are affected by the month of our birth from a seasonal point of view. Birthdays are a time of celebration. It might make a difference if it is always bleak (like me, winter, Capricorn) or bright and vibrant (Cancer). The astrological signs might be a proxy for the power pull of the weather.

apprentice said...

I absolutely agree with last sentence.

Not sure about the season of your birth either, as I was born in the trpis and there is no season there, save the monsoon rains.
Although statistically Spring babies survive the best, for obvious reasons so maybe that does affect your psyche.

Verilion said...

Hi Jason and Apprentice, maybe the seasons do affect our psyche. I totally hibernate in Winter and I am really fed up with this crap summer, so maybe that's how it all works. I suppose above all I believe we make our own choices in life and wouldn't it be awful if that wasn't true.

Marie said...

I am definitely a Cancerian - moody and sensitive, and I am a lot like my rising sign, which is Scorpio, so there is some truth in it.

But having said that, it may all be crap. I think I would have been a moody cow no matter what day I was born!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I change every day, so finding out who I am is a continual task. I think I'm improving, or at least, I certainly hope so.

As far as signs... I study and teach astronomy as a hobby, not astrology, and one does NOT support the other for many reasons.
Your sign, though, as a Leo, is an apropos sign for you, lady lion... as the constellation Leo jives so well with you and Endelyn.

Leo's alpha star (main star) is a red giant star, 3.5 times the mass of our sun and about 78 light years away (one light year is 6 trillion miles)... it expands and contracts like a heart... and it is called Regulus, the heart of the lion, which is where it is located, when we look at it... bottom right side of the constellation, where a lions heart would be.

It's larger than life, and very beautiful, this heart. Glad you're part of it.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore


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