Sunday, October 07, 2007

Catching up

What feels like forever ago I got tagged by Vanilla to do a book meme, then I think this whole Phocotober thing was mentioned, then I got tagged to do the Shameless Lions collective story and then despite not doing any of the above I got an award! But sometimes real life intervenes to keep your fingers away from the keyboard and you may have noticed a lack of me talking about books, writing a story, showing pictures or displaying nice new shiny awards. I do kind of plan to put all that right (this week, not in one post).

But First on the list. I’ve been in touch with the tamer of the pride and apologised, but I won’t be joining in with the Collective Story at the Shameless Lions Writing Circle, which you can find here. I pass the story onto to Maht at the Moon Topples. The Pride is now home to a few homeless lions as well so if you didn’t get one the first time round get in quick.

Seeing as I’m not doing this catch up in any particular order, I’m now going to post some random photos. They are all old photos because although I did have my camera in my bag all week it was raining on Monday when I came home, it was raining on Tuesday. It was raining on Wednesday, Thursday I was tired and Friday I may have been a little tipsy!

Phokotber 1st

This was taken when I first got my camera a couple of years ago. I fell in love with those swimming pool pictures by David Hockney eons ago and have probably been messing about with the idea reflections on water ever since.

Phokotber 2nd

I think that Sacre Coeur is quite possibly the most hideous church in all existence, although that one in Lyon is a close second. Despite that I love this little park in its shadows.

Phokotber 3rd

And something has always got to have it’s redeeming features; gargoyles are always supercool.

Phokotber 4th

See! This one is in Troyes (pronounced trois – of course) in the Champagne region, or near it, or around it (I once posted a photo of somewhere where I wasn’t too sure of the location and I got this anonymous comment telling me exactly where I had been and where I had not been). It’s not a great photo, but have I mentioned that gargoyles are supercool?

Phokotber 5th

And flying buttresses are also cool.

Phokotber 6th

Troyes is a very oldey worldy town and I kind of like the fact that they are keeping it like that. Although if they could please move table service into the 21st century I would also be grateful.

Phokotber 7th


Debi said...

Wow! You can post both portrait and landscape pix. I'm seriously impressed ...

Verilion said...

I had to think for a moment about what you were referring to! But yes, I can do both. I'm well clever aren't I? (:

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Ooh, look at little Tibo, he's turning into very big Tibo. I love the reflections shot - I tried a reflections theme once, but using different coloured pieces of glass - quite interesting. I might post some of those later this week.
And yes, you are well clever ;-)

Minx said...

You even got Tibo with a purrfect smile!

Marie said...

Tibo is gorgeous!

Verilion said...

And the gargoyles, girls? Does no one else think that gargoyles are super cool? Or is it just me and the Disney adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre Dame (which I hasten to add I've never seen).
PS. His ears are big though, aren't they?

The Moon Topples said...

Buh Dup: The gargoyle is nice, but I want to say how much I truly love the rippley water shot. And I think it's truly wonderful that you have retroactively given us a full week of Phoctober. Thanks for doing this. The results are wonderful.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Love the photos!
Wish you were in on the story, but do whatever ya gotta do, and that's cool!

Scarlett & V.

apprentice said...

Enjoyed your contribution to the story and these pictures, especially the pool one. Water is fantastic, one big photographic filter,

Verilion said...

Hi Maht, glad you liked the shots. It's funny, but some of those first shots are still some of my favourite shots. And now today I've gone and forgotten my camera! Duh!
Hello Scarlett, I realised that actually it's always crazy this time of year. It was nuit blanche this weekend and as usual I spent it crashed out on the sofa just restoring balance in my life. I really hope this week will be calm.
Hello apprentice, ehm... I... ehm... actually... eh... didn't write anything in the end! And yeah I like the water shot too.

Taffiny said...

Like fountain shot.

Don't see what is wrong with the church, but maybe you just have lots of beautiful churches where you are, so this one, isn't as good?

Verilion said...

It's called the wedding cake here. It's very white and just a little tacky looking. In general I tend to go for churches with BIG stained glass windows, flying buttresses and ( : GARGOYLES. You can't beat them. Romanesque ones are also very interesting and thirdly just go completely modern. Yep it's the pastiche I don't like.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Hi, I'm here by way of Magical Mouse's blog. I'm a fellow lover of gargoyles as well. The climb to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral was well worth it in order to get closer to the gargoyles. Have to disagree on Sacre Couer - I think it's gorgeous. Looks more like the Taj Mahal or something with the domes, but still fab. Absolutely gorgeous kitty.


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