Saturday, October 13, 2007

Photo Story

What I like about Phoctober is not the fact that I’ve taken thousands of fantastic photos during this month, but the fact that I’ve had a chance to go through the old and just show them for what they are. I use photos to illustrate, but I rarely do a photo post just for the sake of a photo post.

Having said that there is a wee theme to today’s photos, and no it’s not gargoyles again.

Phoktober 9th

Phoktober 10th

Phoktober 11th

Phoktober 12th

Phoktober 13th

This weekend is the France v England quarter final in the Rugby World Cup. According to Women’s Hour on Radio 4 (and I was multi tasking so this may be a bit hazy) since Rugby has turned professional, more women have become interested because the players have become ‘buffer’! Now despite the fact that this is happening in my fair city, that the players are hot and it features my home country, I will be going to the Fete de la Vendange to drink wine, eat, sniff at the 200 bottles of wine that come from the very small Montmarte vineyard (terribly hard to get hold of a bottle and probably not worth even trying) and watching the fireworks! OK, I may pop into a pub if I pass one to check on the scores.


Jon M said...

Probably busy by you right now? Rugger n all?

The Moon Topples said...

Great shots, V. I'm really enjoying your contributions to Phoctober, but more I'm just glad to see these great pictures from your lens.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...


These are so good!
I thought the tower was enormous the first time I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes, really.

That's a great shot of it!
Rugby; has all of Paris gone wild?
Details please!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Matthew said...

These are wonderful pictures--I've never been to Paris but have even more incentive now. The last picture is especially powerful, I love that earnest intent on all of the faces focused on the big event.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I love that third shot, V, really evocative and such a brilliant capturing of form.
I suspect this morning most of France is in mourning. If it's any consolation, I sat yelling for them on the couch right to the bitter end. Ouch, all you English supporters can stop throwing beer cans at me right now!

Minx said...

I think you must be a bloke's dream, V - gorgeous, and a sport loving photgrapher!

Verilion said...

It might have been busy, but I was otherwise occupied! The moules and wine were lovely thank you!
Hi Maht, at last some recent shots. I took some more last night, just need to upload.
hello Scarlett, well I guess the tower is the second/third tallest thing in Paris. I kind of forget how big it is nowadays. Flying into Orly airport is a good reminder as it's the only thing that is that high. I think Paris is very quiet this morning ... sssh... France lost. But, they did win their euro qualifying match, which is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than some stupid game where big men run backwards after a misshaped ball and only kick it every now and again.
Hi Matthew, thanks for dropping by and for liking the shots. I had a look at some of your fantastic pictures too yesterday.
Hello Vanilla, yeah I like that shot to. It was so nice of the Pompidou to set up those Calder pieces in a way that I could shoot Sacre Coeur in between them. Ehm and too be honest I was kind of rooting for France too. It was such good fun when France got to the World Cup final in the more important sport of Football, but then Rugby fans are a lot tamer. They don't wave flags and jostle cars or jump into fountains (unless they are from New Zealand and then apparently they trash BMW's and that's the team!)
Ah well Minx, I have yet to find someone who appreciates my talents ; ) ... or meets my high standards! Guess Tibo will have to do for now.

Marie said...

Great photos. Enjoy the wine!

Taffiny said...

I don't know anything about rugby or wine.
Hope you had a great time.

I really like the first, and third photos, bit of an echo in forms, the points, the oval. Interesting. The way the eyes move around the space.

Verilion said...

Hello Marie, I did enjoy the wine, last night and then again this afternoo! He he. Hi Taffiny, yeah I hadn't thought of that, they do have similar forms. As for not knowing anything about Rugby, it's OK you haven't missed out on anything, but wine! Go crack open a bottle now, you'd be surprised how much you know.


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