Sunday, October 21, 2007

This was the week that was

So this was the week where Cecilia and Nicolas Sarkozy got divorced, I had my knees x-rayed, I was forced to walk across vast tracts of Paris due to the transport strike and England lost the Rugby World Cup Final. I don’t really have much to say about the first and last point, apart from: ‘Thank some divine deity that that is all over.’

As for the x-ray fiasco, well the fact that a month after I went arse over tit in those gorgeous but extremely inconvenient shoes and still can’t kneel down meant that I was sent merrily to my nearest ‘Centre de Radiologie’. The knees were duly x-rayed and as I suspected nada was broken. My final diagnosis was to give up praying!

And so to the Transport Strike. Now in reality I like walking across vast tracts of Paris. I love looking at the ivy glowing scarlet as the sun shines through the leaves. I love peering through the windows of the Tibetan tea shops and reminiscing about how I watched Liverpool beat West Ham in that pub. I thoroughly enjoy walking across Paris when I CHOOSE to do so, NOT, when I am forced to do so by the transport unions. I don’t like not knowing how I am going to get home from work, or considering not trekking across town to meet my friend who has flown in from Madrid, or missing the surprise element of my colleague’s surprise birthday party because I couldn’t get a taxi for love nor money and then got stuck on a metro full of tossers (otherwise known as England Rugby fans). I am particularly pissed off that the one day Transport strike stretched into THREE. I am also slightly miffed that the Transport Unions are beginning to make me question whether unions are a good thing and whether Transport workers should have the privilege of retiring at 50 whereas the rest of us face the prospect of never retiring because by the time we get really old the Government won’t have any money left to pay our pensions. In fact, I don’t even like thinking about getting really old because in my dreams I will win the lottery and buy a flat and become a hermit (who occasionally lunches) and writes all the time. I’ll have a big lounge for cool parties, a really comfy bedroom, a big bathroom and maybe a little garden. Oh and there will be a study too, with a lot of blank walls where I can stick my post-its. You see I have spent a lot of time nurturing this dream and the fact that the transport unions have burst my bubble is extremely unkind of them.

Here are some photos from last week’s Fete de la Vendange. I walked to that; I walked up the extremely steep hill gladly; twice.

Phoktober 15th

This guy was providing entertainment before I even got to the Fete.

Phoktober 16th

There were all sorts at this Fete.

Phoktober 17th

Like I said all sorts.

Phoktober 18th

And lots of entertainment.

Phoktober 19th

And then these started showing up all over the place.

Phoktober 20th

Phoktober 21st


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Well, I think I'm relieved it was only the English fans who had you peeved. I heard it said that one SA fan said he thought France was shit and he wasn't coming back - the trains didn't work and when he asked a Parisian for directions they deliberately sent him the wrong way. Oh dear, someone really ought to have warned him about Parisians, oughtn't they.
Consider this with all the working. You may have an excuse not to have to go to the gym! Clouds and silver linings and all that.
Now I need to go and sing some more - in celebration and jubilation, y'know!
PS those statuey things - they weren't perhaps long suffering folks bored stiff by the transport strike, were they?

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Walking, I meant walking, not working. Late night, too much shouting and all that.

Marie said...

I'm so glad the rugby is over.

"in my dreams I will win the lottery and buy a flat and become a hermit (who occasionally lunches) and writes all the time. I’ll have a big lounge for cool parties, a really comfy bedroom, a big bathroom and maybe a little garden. Oh and there will be a study too, with a lot of blank walls where I can stick my post-its."

I have the same dream, but mine will be a country home with a recording studio as well. Yeah, I know, I don't want much do I? But if others can have it, why not I?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nasty fall. Glad there was no damage!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Well, I'm glad you are okay (except for the praying bit... I guess you'll have to sit while you do that. Or stand. Depends on the church).

I like walking through Paris too... but one time I was forced to walk, late at night, in the very cold... AGH - it was not pretty. I was never so glad to see a taxi - ever. I sympathize with your plight. Can't imagine 3 days of it... sheesh!

Well... flat shoes and cab fare then.

Better week next week, right?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Verilion said...

Mmm Vanilla, seems like some Parisians were having fun with the wrong directions thing. I heard some England supporters complaining of the same thing!And then after/during/before each walk I had a pain au chocolat, a big bowl of moules, crepes... does that count?
Woah Marie, I totally agree with you on the rugby point and the having it point. The only flaw in my plan is I forget to buy the lottery tickets!
Ans Jason, my ego was damaged, I'm not sure when it will recover.
Scarlett I'm sorry you were forced to walk through Paris in the cold. It's just starting to get 'turn the heating on' cold today. I find a good pair of ear muffs and a warm coat tends to solve that problem (:

Shameless said...

Whew, the knees are OK? We need our knees for more just praying, so that's good there's no long term damage! :-)
I didn't experience the transport strike because I was at a journalism congress not far from home and walking was the only sensible bet anyway.
Let's not talk about the rugby ....
And that fete looked like fun ... halloween is fast approaching!

apprentice said...

Glad you are in one piece -hope the knee heals soon.

Great pictures too. I read the meme thingy, liked your piece on the music you associate with things.

R4 has this inheritance track thingy, which track did you inherit from your parents, and which one would you pass on, much quicker that Desert Island Discs, sound like Waterloo Sunset would be one of yours

Verilion said...

Hi Shameless, finally. Well the knee saga continues, I'm going to s physio now! And looks like the strikes are set to continue - boo.
Hi Apprentice, I think Waterloo Sunset is a definite inheritance (ehm that and the Sound of Music, but we'll keep quiet about that shall we!)

Marc said...

I miss Paris...

Great blog!

Verilion said...

I think I would miss Paris terribly too. Glad you enjoyed the blog Marc.


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