Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Writing Resolutions

Following on from the round of applause, here is what I hope to achieve this year. I'm going to try and be realistic, because if all goes well, this year is also going to be the year where me, the Frog and the bubba have some pretty important projects too (gutting and redecorating an apartment).  Lia Keyes, the administrator of Scribblerati, made up a list of suggestions, which I loosely used:

  1. I will finish the revision of A twist in the Tail.
  2. I will find, beg, ask someone to read the whole draft and critique it (any offers will be gratefully received and obviously I would love to critique an MS in return.)
  3. I will endeavour to go to all the critique group meetings, even if it means organising babysitting. 
  4. I will start work on something new, either The Sands of Time or The Trelawney Funerals
  5. I will not abandon the blog, even if at some point in 2011, I won't strictly be living in Paris anymore, and I haven't done any exciting wandering for a few years.  
  1. Apply for the SCBWI work in progress grant. I'm still totally uhmming and ahhing here.
  2. Go to some kind of SCBWI event, this is in my list of maybe's because of the fact that I tend to get some kind of 'itis' just before any SCBWI event I've ever signed up for and therefore have NEVER been. 
  3. Start on the final revision of A Twist in the Tail, but that will be towards the end of the year.
So, I'll just leave you with this last message:


Becky said...

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2011.

They seem like reasonable achievable goals to me.

So I am intrigued if you won't be living in Paris, where will you be living?

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

Fingers crossed I will living in Boulogne Billancourt. It's still on the metro and bus line and it's called the 21st arrondisement of Paris, so not too far really! Right, I'm off to check your e mail.

Marisa Birns said...

Great resolutions and ones that can be reached. Though, ACK, to the gutting and redecorating of apartment. I know how stressful renovating a home can be. Good luck!

May 2011 be a friendly year to us all. :)

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

Hi Marisa, I have to say that I am a little worried about the whole renovation thing, although perhaps I should worry about whether our offer goes through first! Right, better get on with the resolutions I suppose.

Lia Keyes said...

Great list! And one you can meet! Go for it. Have a wonderful 2011!!!

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

Thanks Lia, I have to say that I;m still thinking about the WIP grant, whereas I would have completely given up on it, so thank you.


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