Friday, April 20, 2007

Recollections of the Sea

Holidays must end as you know.
All is memory taken home with me:
the opera, the stolen tea, the sand drawing, the verging sea, all years ago.

Verdi Cries, 10,000 Maniacs

Let us worship at the altar of the sea.
the sound of the waves rolling in
the wind whispering in my ears,
the sun beating down on my bones.
The sun setting behind the sea’s edges,
when the vermilions merge
and there’s no telling where the sky ends
and the sea begins.
The evenings spent in Mazatlan,
my head resting on my hands
hoping to see that elusive
green flash.
The moon rippling on the waves,
pulling them here and there
and me sitting hugging my knees
captivated by the splendour of it.
The sound of stones
plopping into the water.
The feel of salty spray
washing my face
as my fingers dangle in the wake.
My feet plunged in the water
being tugged by the current.
Come in, come further, let me cleanse you.

Copyright, 2007. Verilion


The Moon Topples said...

This is very nice, Veriturkey.

And "Verdi Cries" is one of the few 10,000 Maniacs songs I can say I genuinely enjoy.

Atyllah said...

There's real magic and healing and cleansing in the sea, isn't there.
Lovely, lovely words, V.

Verilion said...

Mmm, yeah I listened to it about five times last night. I have a very bad habit of playing something to death when I like it and then I can't listen to if for months (sometimes even years) afterwards. BTW you know Veriturkey just doesn't have the same ring to it does it? Now sssh don't tell Atyllah, but I just find those dangly bits under their beaks/chins very disturbing.

HEY Atyllah, look at you there. Yeah Turkey lovely place, lovely bird! There are all those things in the sea. I kept telling my friend that we were here for Sea Therapy. It's not quite the same as Thalasso Therapy (which you can get on the social security here!) because you have to get the aural effect as well. Hope you have lots of sea on Novapulse and that you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I always loved the opening, "The man in 119 takes his tea all alone." I wrote a poem a long time ago using "Verdi Cries" as a jumping off point, an inspiration. (I didn't do half as well as you did here.)

This poem, your poem, is lovely. A very warm, lovely poem.

Marie said...

Beautiful poem, V.

Gorgeous pic too.

I have the same habit about playing music that I like to death when I first buy it. Then I get bored.

Verilion said...

Hi Good Thomas, I'm glad you liked the poem. I bet your poem was really good. I really like the stuff on your blog so I can't believe you didn't do half as well (:

And Hi Marie, glad you like the poem and photo. It's a lovely sunset in Lovina, Bali, that was only slightly spoilt by the woman who sat down right down in front of us and started waving sarongs in front of the view and the guy on my left who was trying to sell us a trip to go and see the dolphins! As for the music, I have tossed aside the Cranberries as it will now forever be linked to the frigging traumatic experience I've just had trying to put some pictures up! I am now listening to Richard Ashcroft who sounds comfortingly like Neil Diamond and therefore conjures up warm happy images. Maybe I should just buy some Neil.

The Moon Topples said...

Veriturkey: We both know that you chose to travel to Turkey knowing full well that I might attach your destination to your name, as I did on the last trip.

The only solution is more travel.

GT: We actually like the same song? That's never happened before.

Susan Abraham said...

Lilting & spiritual, V. :-)

Minx said...

Ooh, how I liked this Miss V.
I am very with you on the 'play it to death' syndrome. Got hooked on Mark Ronson - 'Stop me', most recently ( a fav when The Smiths did it). I will tire of it by this time next week and something new will be assaulting me ears.

Verilion said...

Ha ha Maht I have spotted a flaw in your reasoning there. See last time I went to lyon which is IN France, whereas this time I went to Tekirova (otherwise known as Tacky Rovers) which is IN Turkey. Ha ha! As for the more travel am a little lacking in inspiration at the moment ):
Hi Susan, I guess it is kind of spiritual, thanks.
And Minx, Mark Ronson you say. Will have to go and check him out, the play it to death syndrome is usually followed by a 'I don't like any of my music' so I have to go and listen to Marc Radcliffe, who seems to have paired up with Stuart MacConie, not sure about that, why don't they just bring back Lard?

Canterbury Soul said...

What serenity you have here! I can picture myself in your poem. Very nice. Very soothing to the soul. Thanks!

Verilion said...

Yes it is serene isn't! I'll have to remember to read this next time I attempt some DIY!

The Moon Topples said...

Veritekirova: My apologies.

Verilion said...

Apology accepted, although I do think that for the next ten weeks or so I will be reverting back to the lazy feline behaviour that inspired the pseudo in the first place.


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