Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where's Verilion in Travel Land?

Well folks I'm off again. I'm going somewhere in Turkey where I hope to spend most of the week in a horizontal position and to come back with nothing more than some extra kilos. To keep you amused while I'm gone I have prepared a wee slide show, dating from 1998 to now! Actually there's only one photo from 1998, but never mind. The idea is match the photos with the place and to come first place find ME in all the photos. I will be providing a wee prize to whoever gets all the answers right. It will either be your very own note book from the sexy range I've discovered up the road or a book voucher of roughly the same value (in case you have discovered your own sexy range of notebooks and are as anal as me at choosing notebooks). I may offer a second prize if you match all the places. Oh all right, I will, but it might just be a mouldy old bit of cheese!
I'm back next Thursday so the competition ends then. And Minx if you're going to party then clear up after yourself!

Ok the places in alphabetical order are:
  • Near Bourges - France
  • Dublin - Ireland
  • Greenwich, London - England
  • Fountainbleu - France
  • Lyon - France
  • Nicaragua
  • Nearish to Osmington Bay - England
  • Plaza Mayor - Spain
  • Port Louis - Mauritius
  • Sahara Desert - Tunisia
  • Sanur - Bali
  • Tate Modern - London

Oh and by the way I assure you that YES my bum does look enormous in some of these but thankfully it seems to have reached it's peak and gone down somewhat.


Susan Abraham said...

Have a wonderful time, V. :)

Minx said...

A peaking bottom is not to be worried about. Life is full of ups and downs, ins and outs, explosions and implosions - it will find its way.

The photos? Haven't got a clue.

Atyllah said...

Have a great holiday, V - lucky thing! This Chicken is quite partial to Turkey, makes me feel like I've come home...
As for the photos - well, here's my guess:
Photo 1 - Lyon
Photo 2 - Plaza Mayor
Photo 3 - Port Louis
Photo 4 - Near Bourges
Photo 5 - Fontainebleu
Photo 6 - Greenwich
Photo 7 - Dublin
Photo 8 - Sahara
Photo 9 - Osmington Bay
Photo 10 - Tate Modern
Photo 11 - Sanur
Photo 12 - Nicaragua

As for you - that's easy - the one with the bum and two legs!
Now let me go and do something productive!

apprentice said...

Enjoy, I'm very jealous.

Anonymous said...

The puit qui chant is nowhere near Bourges. You were in Troo, which is near Vendome.

me said...

i'm jealous. have a nice time!

Susan Abraham said...

Missing you, V.

Shameless said...

Have a great time V!
Now, this contest was VERY hard! Where the hell was the Tate? A painting?
But I will have a crack.

1 greenwich
2 fontainebleu
3 bourges
4 bali
5 plaza mayor
6 osmington bay
7 dublin
8 sahara
9 mauritius
10 lyon
11 tate modern
12 nicaragua

Jude said...

Hope it's fun in Turkey. Photos... mmm..may have ago if I dare!

Verilion said...

Well done anonymous for telling me where I was! I was indeed with my head down the Puit qui chant in Troo and have in fact never even visited Bourges. It would be a long and complicated story to explain where my confusion arose from, but thanks for sorting things out there.
Shameless... don't want to be mean or anything but you did terribly! At least you got Lyon right! There are some wonderful specimens of mouldy cheese in the fridge at the moment after a week away!
And Atyllah you did very well, but apparently you're all allergic to humans now!

Atyllah said...

At least I know where I am at any given time... even if it is in a sickbed... darned humans and their condition!

Verilion said...

Well Atyllah you got 9 out of 12, and just think that if I had never posted those photos I would have thought that I had gone to Bourges, when in fact I went to Vendome for a Music Festival. I don't know I got on a train it stopped we got off, we were picked up, we were driven around (to Troo apparently and I sang down a well and looked for my reflection. In fact I got so attached to the well I had to be dragged away.) Right I need to stop wittering on and go and buy some food.

Shameless said...

V, I knew I did badly, boo hoo, I see everything everywhere now ... it all burs into one and I can't see the woods for the trees! You are better travelled than me, as well. :) I hold my head in shame!! :) At least it proves - MK - that I am NOT rich and I have not "sauntered" around the world with my "soft" hands! Ggggggghhhhh.

Shameless said...

Burs looks like a nice word ... but I meant to tap blurs!!

Verilion said...

Eh Shameless, look I went to these places and I still needed some anonymous person to tell me that I was completely wrong. I know about it all blurring (or burring) into one. I once asked someone what Chartres Cathedral was like and another colleague stared at me as if I was mad. I shrugged at her and asked her what was wrong. "You've been there." She replied. "We had a long conversation when you came back."

Anyway the answers:
1 - The Tate Modern (OK it was a slide they set up outside.)
2 - Plaza Mayor (I lived there for a couple of years - in Madrid, not the Plaza Mayor obviously.)
3 - Port Louis - Mauritius (I believe Atyllah has visited.)
4 is Fountainbleu - a good spot to go walking.
5 is Troo nowhere near Bourges!
6 is Greenwich, the Cutty Sark in the background being the give away (well I thought.)
7 is Dublin, Ulysses being the clue there.
8 is the Sahara, the sand and dress being the clue there.
9 is Osmington Bay, Bay, water right?
10 is Lyon, no clues here, this was just for Shameless.
11 is Sanur - Bali, I thought the sun and sea would be enough.
12 is the amazing volcanic lake in Nicaragua. It's between Granada and the capital - maybe someone anonymous could tell me exactly where it is ( ;
Anyway you walk up the hill and as you go over the crest the lake suddenly appears, hence I had to run down, whooping and flapping my arms about!


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