Saturday, October 02, 2010

Progress Report

Since starting to post again on this dormant blog, the idea was to write something. So, number of words written on WIP - 0. Number of ideas jotted down - a few. Number of posts written on blog - O. Number of recipes or something to do with cooking 3, 3 posts about OTHER writers, and a number of photos. Mmm...

But it has been a kind of crazy fortnight. In the last fortnight I have had to work late (once, but hey I'm used to leaving work at 4.15), went to see my GP, had SOS medecin round and went to the vet in the same day. At one point I felt like I was never going to be able to rescue the cat from the vets, but he did finally come home with his head stapled together.

Hoping for a calmish weekend, we unenthusiastically decided to go to the Salon d'Immobilier followed by visiting an apartment. This resulted in us putting an offer on the flat, rushing to the bank, rushing home, rushing here, there and everywhere.

Next came the cold and the frog travelling away four nights of the week. Taking the cat back to the vet. Having dinner with a long lost friend, found again in the supermarket. I then lost my phone, someone found it, I deleted the message!

So, as a result of all this I have decided to sign up for NaNoWriMo. You'll see a new widget just below my info. Sooo, any info on luxury yachts, Cornish fishing villages, what marine biologists actually do and would an off shore oil company actually use a marine biologist would be gratefully accepted. For the moment I'm going to go just have a wee chat with the characters while I cook lunch.

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