Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Sunday Roast: more than one way to roast a fish

I have recently discovered that fish eating vegetarians are called pescatarians. No, not Presbyterian, pescatarian. I'm not sure I like the label. Obviously I haven't been entirely comfortable with the label vegetarian for the last 14 or so years, not since I started ploughing through the underwater population and then some. I discovered sea fish, fresh water fish, prawns of all sizes, octopus, squid and things that come in shells.

When I go to eat at people's houses for the first time, I've had to explain that I'm a sort of vegetarian, but I eat fish. I'm also a person who is absolutely crap at small talk, so the 'almost vegetarian' thing has always been a bit of an opener to me. First I spout off about how I was vegetarian, and that I thought I could change the world by doing so. Then I went to live in Mexico and saw that ... See and then that leads to talking about travelling and so on. But now there's the term 'pescatarian' and my grand conversation starter is gone. When people ask me if there is anything I don't eat, I'll just reply: 'I'm pescatarian'. And they'll reply: 'Oh, OK.' and that will be then end of it.

I suppose I could talk about my discovery of white fish. Up until recently I ate only tuna, salmon or rainbow trout. I believed there was only one way to eat white fish, and that was wrapped in batter* from your local Fish & Chip shop with a heap load of vinegary chips next to it. Apparently this is not so. Originally, I tried to make my own breaded or battered fish to keep up with appearances and that was an unmitigated soggy disaster. Then I discovered BBC Good Food. Like a knight in shining armour it rode onto my web browser and introduced me to 'Tomato & Thyme Cod'. It is so simple that you wonder if there should be more ingredients, but it's so tasty that whenever I don't know what to cook, it just jumps out. It's not my own recipe, I haven't adapted it in anyway. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
copyright, BBC Good Food website
*As soon as I dig up a good batter recipe I will be trying to do this in my new Actifry. Expect a review soon, very soon.

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