Monday, May 28, 2007


From the beginning I decided that some of Shameless’s lions were female. I actually chose her name last Tuesday, but I didn’t really have time to fully research it and do some variations until today. I knew that I wanted her name to mean fire, but according to my in depth research it actually means fire soul. The name is apparently Gaelic, but I could only find details of a Cornish saint who somehow become all embroiled with King Arthur and had the power to bring people and her cow back to life!

So the name began as Endellion, sometimes spelt Endillyon, the Saint is Endelienta, but I liked the Cornish variant. So please welcome to my blog:


The fire within burns vibrant on her skin,
tattooing vague patterns of blazing dragons
across her flank.

Wild imaginings bursting forth,
swirling to indefinite
beginnings, middles and endings.
Prowling forth into uncertainty,

her radiance undiminished,

her force yet unrealised,
her soul a rich muse
of consciousness.

Copyright, 2007. Verilion

And please click here to go and say hello to some of her other pals, and here if you would like to adopt a lion. They're very good really. I have to admit that mine takes up a little more space on the sofa then I would like, but she's very amiable to snuggling and she's got a purr like you wouldn't believe!


Shameless said...

This looks wonderful, V! Nice poem. I'm updating your entry on the circle page.

Canterbury Soul said...

like i said at shameless, yours cast fear amongst all others. not scary fear but revered fear. you know what i mean? and i'm sure you two will go far.

Cailleach said...

She's glorious, very luxuriant!

apprentice said...

Yes a lovely soul, a true lion heart which you've caught in your poem.

Verilion said...

Thank you all for giving Endelyn such a nice welcome. We're going to have a wee rest tonight and I will introduce her to rubbishy american soaps dubbed in French, which she says is alright as long as I don't cry! She's very fond of her mane!

exskindiver said...

hi verilion,
endelyn is pretty.
about the american soaps--
try watching it with the sound turned off and make up your own dialogue.
it is an exercise in creativity...and i am sure will make the storyline even better!

Minx said...

Endelyn is a lovely name (Sen Endelyn = St Endellion) and suits your lion(ess) on so many levels.

Lovely words as well - this project is stirring the lion loins of many!

Verilion said...

Hello and welcome exskindiver... we will try this one day when it is not the sacred Grey's Anatomy (!!). The other thing is that after spending eleven years watching dubbed TV, when I turn the sound down I end up lip reading.
Hi Minx, it certainly seems to be stirring up Eugene's loins (even if Shameless denies it all!).
Also, I did do my research St. Endellion is about a mile and half from Port Isaac. Is that anywhere near your neck of the woods? And also there were you saying that the Cornish language wasn't very nice a few posts ago and you wrote that beautiful poem and then I found this name! Seems there is beauty everywhere.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

She is divine! Excellent choice.

I wondered though, at her name... in your research, did you find any relation between her name and Endymion?
It's sort of apropos... similar, a wonderful poem of inordinate length, by John Keats... 'a thing of beauty is a joy forever..'
There is also a crater at the top of the moon just off center, to the right a bit, that was named Endymion. It's lovely.
As is your lion, and your poem.
I enjoyed being here.


Verilion said...

Hello Wanderlust Scarlett, talking of names,what a wonderful name you have too! Thank you for dropping by and being so complimentary, I think Endelyn is blushing, but you can't really tell.
I'm afraid I did not find a connection with Endymion, but I'll have a look now. You've also reminded me that I have been neglecting the other wonderful lions so I'll pop over and have a look now. Hope to see you again

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

...oh what's in a name, but thank you!
Scarlett is a real nickname of mine, and the wanderlust is just because I was bitten by the wanderlust bug; I LOVE to travel and do so as often as possible.

I have worried, a little, that some people might not know what wanderlust means, and be confused that it means something else altogether.. or worse, that they read it as 'wanderslut'... YIKES, can I tell you I have cringed just a few times about THAT...

I love what you've put on your blog and will be spending copious amounts of time here, sifting through, and commenting here and there. I look forward to each visit.


Verilion said...

Me too and thanks fellow traveller.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you please pass this note along to Endelyn? I invite her to come visit me on my new blog, Literary Lion of Lyon. She would probably recognize me from the blog’s title, but tell her Roary sent the invitation. Thanks.

Roary ^..^


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