Tuesday, May 01, 2007

five hundred and twenty five thousand and six hundred minutes


The Cow Parade came to town, I started blogging and I met Shameless, Minx, Marie, Debi and Skint for the first time.

I completely fucked up booking my ticket to Bali and decided that this was my favourite Eiffel Tower pic. Funny that’s not the one that’s printed and put on my wall.

I found a new flat, got attacked by moths, washing powder and various other things. France got to the final of the World Cup and lost (I didn't post about that) and I tootled off on holiday.
I returned from holiday with fantastic toes and discovered as I moved that I had a lot of STUFF.

I reminisced about KECAK.
I fell in love with Julian Barnes and was cruelly silenced.
I remained cruelly silenced as my modem lights continued to NOT blink, my phone continued to NOT have a dial tone and France Telecom tried to lead me to an early grave.
The Fifty Word Challenge was issued. Glad it wasn't a competition because I still can't decide on my favourite
I came 4th in The Clarity of Night's Silent Grey short fiction competition. How many times did I mention that one?
I went to Berlin and fell in love with this little guy below. And THIS post is the one that draws more new visitors to my site than any other. I won't write the title again because frankly I'm in shock at the amount of people searching for this and I don't want to repeat the incident again!

Matt at Turbo Art interpreted me and that little Minx in Cornwall outed me. Bloody cheesy photo.

I went to Lyon and saw Shameless's play (well the one he did the music for) and Tacky Rover where I belly danced (not) and got mad at tourists and Sego and Sarko got through to 2nd round of the presidential elections (see below).

May 1st
122 posts later A Wanderer in Paris celebrates one year today.
In the past year I’ve made some bloggy mates, learnt not to do the horrendously long posts I did at the beginning, written poetry again (I’m not saying it’s any good, but I’m gonna keep on doing it), written loads and seem to have cut down on swearing in the blog posts (so I thought I'd catch up today!). It’s been great. Hope to carry on seeing you guys

Happy ONEIVERSARY to me!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!! Sounds like an eventful year.

I am very glad you are here.

skint writer said...

Well done Verilion for keeping it going and don't forget to keep it going :)

Shameless said...

V, Happy first anniversary!! :) And I was mentioned twice in your flashback, which I feel chuffed about! :) I also LOVE your new look ... it's brighter, more you, more inviting. Here's to the new year ahead! :)

Canterbury Soul said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! You have achieved much here! Well done! Looking forward to more good years ahead!

Verilion said...

Hey thanks guys. Well GT I guess it was pretty eventful, it's kind of cool to have it all noted down.
And Skint, I'm still keen to keep going. Thanks ( :
Oooh Liverpool have just scored. Fucking classic excellent pass from Gerrad there and Agger's back kick there. OH YES YES YES...
Ok back to you Shameless, yes you did get two mentions, but then we faux frenchies have to stick together. I did try to get English commentary on the net, but I'm stuck with TF1 who seem to think that only Drogba is on the pitch!!
I'm glad you like the new template. I think I was ready for a change and this represents more where I am now.
And lastly thank you too CS. I look forward to reading you too.

The Moon Topples said...

Happy Bloggiversary, Ver. You failed to mention, however, that you also took part in an excellently-run fiction contest in February. And, hopefully, another one in May...

Verilion said...

Sorry Maht it should have read: I went to Berlin and fell in love with this little guy below. I also failed to win (or even come anywhere) in the 1st GBA(s)FC and got whacked by a bunch on Northen Europeans looking up an Elton John song!
I have my story planned by the way.

apprentice said...

Congrats on one year blogging. The cow parade looks fun, Edinburgh had one last year and one was kidnapped/stolen!

And of course you should keep writing poems, life's for doing things that give you pleasure and make you think.

Marie said...

Happy anniversary, V. I'm pleased to have you as a blog mate. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

Verilion said...

Hi Apprentice, I loved the Cow Parade. One of our cows got kidnapped and held for ransom too! It was retreived in the end though. Also I'm terrible at self promotion but I did update The Pimple Continued last night and I've put all my poetry and Flash fiction from the last year there. Just in case you wanted a look...
And Marie thanks. It's been a fun year and your various links and writing comments have been very helpful to me so I look forward to reading you too.

Debi said...

Wheeeeee! What a ride ... what a year ...

It's been a blast and it's great to have virtually met you, V. Look forward to moving on and sharing this next part of the journey with you.

Minx said...

I always considered that I had a life before I started blogging. Now I know that I have enriched it tenfold by meeting all you lovely people.
Thank you V, for your wonderful, funny, brilliant posts that go towards making a blog that I visit daily.
Happy, happy blogday - long may you write!

Jefferson Davis said...

Yay! Félicitations Verilion! Happy BlogDay. Keep writing poetry. I love it! :)

Verilion said...

Hey hello you lot, and it's been great having virtually met you too Debi. I will finally be making it over to London though in early July... so who knows? You'll probably chose that weekend for a visit to Disneyland or something... You wouldn't take your kids to Disneyland would? It's pretty traumatic.

Yep Minx well I'm certainly enjoying the blogging, so I ain't planning on giving up any time soon and miss all the fun with you guys.

And Jefferson thanks, did I mention that the poetry is all nicely grouped together now at The Pimple Continued?

Debi said...

Disneyland would NEVER be on our list of must-go-to places, V.

Booking slot for you in early July. Would be soooo cool. Just love it when blogworld meets real world ...

Verilion said...

Oh I am so happy to hear that. I have to admit that I did to Disneyland once, but I was given a free ticket and I ... eh ... kind of like ... roller coasters!
Anyway, July. Yeah I think it's shaping up to be either the second or third week of July. I'll let you know when I book tickets. Cool!


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