Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Miss V’s Halo Slips

On Friday several things happened: the battery on my music playing doobery went flat, there was the mother of all storms and I went to the African evening at UNESCO.

Let me tell you about the mother of all storms first. There I was probably reading all your blog posts and the sky which had been an ominous grey all afternoon turned a bruised yellow before dark black clouds rolled in. It was like sitting in a world with all the lights turned off and it made me smile because I knew something spectacular was to follow. A crash here and a flash there and the heavens opened pouring sheets of liquid onto the dry pavements. It was like my own personal light and sound show taking place around my head. Of course, I then had to reassess what I was going to wear to the African evening but the lesser rain gods seemed to know my schedule because the downpour eased off a little just before I had to peg it down to the metro in my bright red raincoat.

Anyway after getting into the UNESCO building and going up to the 2nd floor, the 7th floor and back to the ground floor we found the event. We had kind of missed a good part of it but the thing that impressed me the most was a troupe from Uganda (I think – I have a terrible memory). They played this giant xylophone type drum and they had had to construct a stand for it out of a banana tree. They came from some tiny village in the middle of the boo hoos and had never left their village let alone got on a plane and flown to Paris, yet when they got on the stage they were born to be there. The 13 year old singer dancer absolutely stole the show as his voice filled every corner of the auditorium and he jiggled his hips like crazy. They were fantastic...

But meanwhile the storm was dying down and things had been going on at home... or so I thought when I put two and two together and came up with five.

On Tuesday I grabbed my music playing doobery and pressed play and nothing happened. Did it get fried while I was charging the battery on Friday?

This morning I woke up with a list going through my head: The Doves, ELVIS COSTELLO! Badly Drawn Boy... zzz... Tom Waits... zzz... Leonard Cohen, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones... zzz... The Smiths... Rufus Wainwright... Joy Division (but that’s alright because I bought Unknown Pleasures)... The Buzzcocks... The Jam. Then I went to water my new basil plant and discovered it had taken an almighty battering on Friday night (and Sunday, and Monday). Oh man! I thought, my plant got battered and the doobery got fried.

But you know you have to have hope. So I took all the various bits into work and after the Server Guy and the Server Guy’s Boss had stopped running around like Blue Arsed Flies and had had a wee breather I sidled in waving the poor sad blue doobery thing at them. “It’s dead. Is there anyway you can get all the music off even though it’s dead?”

To cheer myself up I went and dropped my ticket off at Colleen’s for the concert I’m too whacked to go to via the pet shop. I walked up the hill even though I’m shattered just to get a glimpse of two dozing Siamese kittens and a sleeping Labrador puppy and the bunch of Yorkies and Scotties that were using him as a pillow. On the way down the hill I realised I had missed a call. So I called back. “Yeah, your doobery is fixed.”


“It was stuck.” Even the kittens woke up and started leaping around with joy.

So why has my halo slipped even though I’m no angel? Well... you figure it out.


Minx said...


Verilion said...

I want the music, I need to get the music off the doobery ... just in case it dies one day and I don't have the music. It's all about the music man...

I've had a very long week and I'm struggling to stay awake right now. Just ignore me.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear a good story for once -- that "your doobery was stuck" as opposed to "it's broken and will cost an arm and a leg to correct/fixed/get music removed from."

Hope all is well.

Verilion said...

It's been a very tiring week, but in a good way. I'm watching tennis. Why am I watching Tennis? I can't read the screen - I misread Aces as Ages and was very confused and thought one of the players was called Killbadian!
The sounds are very relaxing though. I think somehow, what with growing up very near a very big Tennis venue that I get comfort from those bop bop bop bop sounds. Sometimes on very quiet days and if the wind was blowing in the right direction I could hear it in my garden.

Sam said...

Glad it was stuck and not broke.
And the African soirée sounded fun.
I just ordered pzza for dinner so I'm sitting here feeling very hungry.

Verilion said...

Ooooh PIZZA. About twelve o'clock I got hungry and realised I hadn't eaten breakfast so I grazed from then until about six. I'm now on a liquid diet of Bordeaux... mmmm
I'm glad it was stuck too.

me said...

hope you and the plant feel better!

apprentice said...

The show sounds fabulous. I forget the websirte now but there's a guy who collects world music and he loved Uganda, he foubd a village where they had dug a pit and laid various lengths of hollow branches across to make the world's largest xylophone.

So glad you're music player survived. Mine did that once to all this background gobbledeegookcame up.I had to let the battery run down and then recharge it and it was fine.

Thuder here too, the best ever thunder storm I've seen was in Paris on Bastille Day, fireworks plus sheet lightening is amazing!

Verilion said...

Hello Me, yes all this fuss about the doobery and Princess Basildena gets ignored. She's doing much better on the edge of the bath in the humid damp atmosphere, although I may put her out for a bit of sun today!
And Apprentice, that's it, that's the group, they wanted to dig a hole, but obviously where were they going to dig a hole in the UNESCO auditorium. Can you send me the link please?
Oh and Fireworks and lightning! Sounds cool if a little wet!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Halo's are meant to slip, it keeps things interesting.
I LOVE that you have a red raincoat. That's fabulous.
The first time I went to London I heard that everyone there used black umbrellas so I immediately went out and bought a bright red one with a matching carrying case.
I consider it a moral duty to maintain significant individualism.

I am glad that your doobery is working again, and the African performance sounds so interesting; thanks for posting that!


Verilion said...

I actually left my black umbrella in Normandy when I visited a few weeks ago. Eventually I decided to replace it and bought exactly the same black umbrella. I just can't be bothered with umbrellas, they need to be small and fit in my bag... and black. Must be cos I grew up in London!


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