Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not a moan (really)

This post is not going to be a moan. I started moaning on Thursday and it just grew and grew until it became a Woolly Mammoth that threatened to stamp on me. And then I went to Castorama and calm was restored momentarily as I wandered down the small hand tools aisle more times than was strictly necessary. In keeping with Saturday being eye-candy day, I may make this particular aisle a regular part of my Saturday routine.

So I decided not to moan, which is a bit difficult because all these things happened this week:

  • I had a headache all week
  • My back was threatening to join in with the headache
  • My idea of buying a wreck in Brittany and rebuilding it was nixed by the MEN (and Jane, who jumped up and down all over my poor trampled idea the next day just in case I was thinking of reviving it!) (But after the trip to Casto yesterday I did momentarily consider it again... ‘All those Saturdays in the power tools aisle’ I thought then realised ‘All those Saturdays not writing’ and forgot it again)
  • I’ve already neglected my poor adopted lion by not naming or writing it a poem, but I’m working on it.
  • Some of my colleagues really let me down this week in a week when I really needed their help
  • Liverpool lost the Champion’s League Final
  • I wore a stripy green and yellow top the next day to cheer myself up and people took the piss all day:
  • I left my jacket on the bus
  • My red notebook hasn’t been out of my bag for weeks

And it’s that last one that’s really getting me down. So instead of writing this post that’s what I should really be doing.

And my Tax Return; mustn’t forget to do that!


Marie said...

I sympathise, especially with the last one. It's the not being able to write that's really getting me down too. I'm not feeling too inspired right now.

Hope you feel better soon.

Atyllah said...

Hope this week is much better and frankly, I really like the idea of that house in Brittany - good bargains to be had, so I'm told.

As for notebooks, some kind soul bought me one for my birthday - only thing is, it sheds! Yep, like a lion in full moult!

Pecks and flutters to feeling better.

Verilion said...

Well Marie, I did a couple of hundred words today and a few edits, and the red notebook is open on the table. It wasn't so much feeling uninspired as not having the time what with visitors or visiting.
As for the wreck in Brittany Atyllah, realistically I am the girl who still has a dismantled desk in her bathroom and no handles on the cupboard she built in September. I really like the idea of a house, but when you buy it it's four walls, no roof and absolutely NADA inside. Now given my track record how long would it take to become a house? And your moulting notebook sounds very intriguing, maybe you should hand it over to your Novalion.

Canterbury Soul said...

i was at my lowest ebb in April. then someone else took over the ebb. then someone...then someone...
looks like you just had yours.
well if you look up, someone else will take over from you.

i take comfort from the fact that each time i ride on a rough wave, i'll emerge on a terrain higher than before.

i'm sure, Miss V, you'll be standing on higher ground, looking over your past discouragement.

you have my support.

Minx said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minx said...

Ooops - try again.....

CS is right - life is ebb and flow. Accepting where you are at any moment in time halts that internal fight to be somewhere else.
At the moment I am just accepting that I drank too much last night, me eyes aren't working resulting in badly worded comments!

Verilion said...

Thanks CS and Minx. I do actually agree wholeheartedly with you CS, but sometimes you just need to get it all out. The funny thing is that once I had done that, again and again and again (I tried this post three times) I also knew it was time to stop. By yesterday I was already feeling a little bit perkier, I needed some exercise to release all the tension and then I needed some rest - and I also needed a little bit less alcohol Minx!( ;
But Thanks again and Minx I hope your eyes start working again!


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